Thursday, April 28, 2011


Let's have a quick review of last week (Easter Week):

Went with Mom to American Heartline where 500+ chocolate chip cookies were baked and packed to be sent off to soldiers.  We were there from 2:30 - 4:30p and this is an impressive group of volunteers... completely organized and fairly simple... amazing!!! I had the opportunity to work with these caring folks twice.

6 dozen eggs
endless flour and chocolate chips

The Scoopers!!!!

87 lbs of cookies!!!

Sans a couple "taste" cookies... quality control!!!

All packed in bags of 8 cookies, with stickers on the bags and tied with red, white, and blue ribbons....SWEET!!!  Literally!!!

Delivered to a troop that is likely much happier!!!!

Oh.... and the kids of the Continental Elementary School (they use their cafeteria) write letters and cards from the heart to add to the boxes... each box is sent to one soldier and has 43 (or so lbs.) of cookies to share amongst their friends.

So that was our Monday.


I can not remember Tuesday except that we, of course, headed to Wisdom's Cafe for our weekly dose of AMAZING margarita's...two for one Tuesdays!!!!

In Tumacacori, AZ

Just look for the Big Chicken!!!


My Dad's High School Class Picnic... Class of 1952

My Pop's is (slightly) cut off in the upper left corner (red shirt) ... look at this beautiful property....GREEN in Tucson!!!  Amazing!!! I was impressed with how many of his classmates came... they were a fun group and we feasted excellently.

Me and my Mom with the lady of the casa (sitting).


Lunch with my Tia Bea... j'adore her SO MUCH!!!

Isn't she SO CUTE!!!!

Oh and the flat enchilada's...YUMMY TREAT!!!

After this I headed to see my Aunt Myrtle and Uncle John, meet up with my cousin's Kari and Jenny and with my Mom the girls headed off for a 4th Ave. shopping trip... I managed to not spend much $... Brava!!!


Errands!!!  AND Paint purchased to fluff up backyard... (this week's project)

Beautiful Good Friday Service at the Evangelical Free Church of Green Valley


A Very Special Tour of Tucson's Presidio Museum and San Xavier Mission

SO GOOD This will get a post all on it's own!!!

Coming Soon!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's A Smokin' Peep Show!!!

Today it was an experiment... Roasting Peeps!!!

So my Mom built a fire and we set out to explore the possibilities of Peep Roasting.  

For this recipe you will need the following:

.Willing Peeps
. Skewers
. A Fire

And we are ready to commence the roast!!!

Hhhhmmmm.... toasty buns!!!

Just about...

Yes!!!  Fully roasted to perfection!!!

Don't burn your mouth!!!

Yes!!!  We BOTH agree.... Roasted Peeps will now be an Easter Tradition... deelightfully tasty, the sugared coating offers a caramelized crunch... next time we are stuffing the Peeps in chocolate and grahams!!!


photos by Carol Carey 
Peep Roaster

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Little Reflection

I am Most Grateful to have the gift of Time lately to simply reflect on what has just happened in my life.  The past season was spent deep in the heart of "The Move" and now I can feel I have decompressed.

I spent this morning reflecting on my past blog A Day In The Life Of Haute Hat Couture.
I followed my story as I went from Disgruntled Store Manager to Dream Warrior to Pioneer!

Here are the links to two pivotal entries, if you are interested...Wow oh Wow I am grateful for this change in my life!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meet Frida My New Model!!!

                 We found each other and were instantly friends!!!

I asked her if she'd like to go to the Big Apple as My Muse???

She seemed pleased as She felt stuck in the dead section of the store

Yes...Frida is a tattooed smoker but She has such Rosy Cheeks and a Sparkly Smile!!!

and of Most Importance... She looks wonderful in Hats!!!!

You'll see lots more of Frida... I LOVE HER!!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Pool Review #1

It's true Peeps!!!  I am in the land of poolside bliss!!!
Green Valley, Arizona where the people come to R&R on a daily basis (unless of course they are playing card games, throwing parties, or enjoying margarita's at Wisdom's - two for one Tuesday nights!)  Sheesh...I can barely keep up with this crowd!!!

But how about those pools!!?!!!

So in Green Valley they have the GVR which is MULTIPLE-locations-for-one membership of pools, workout rooms, meeting halls, basic fabulousness.  One membership... endless choices!!!

Now since I am planning on writing blog reviews of Irish pub fare once I get to NYC I thought... why not start with the low down of the pool fare here in the desert!!!

So for Today's Choice I enjoyed thoroughly...

The East Social Center Darlings!!!

I love the architecture of this building and found out it is the original GVR pool in town!  It's so beautiful from the outside with the arches and then as you can see...las rosas!!!!  Let's take a stroll through the garden...

So Dreamy!!!

She reminds me of Alice's stroll through the flowers in Wonderland

 Yes indeed...a stop for a gaze and a sniff... absolutely divine!!!

Hey!  But what about the pool????

No worries on this!!!  I love this pool!  It reminds me of a grand (in size) version of my friend Leslie's pool (except we have to wear swimsuits... well let me re-word this... want to wear swimsuits here!)  Oh but it is So Lovely... large but not too large, there are foam water "noodles" in every color to borrow for your floating pleasure... the hot tub located in the far right corner is tres hot and tres deep (my Mom and I are fans!).  In fact we are planning on enjoying this hot tub Sunday night for the full moon gazing...fantabulous!!!

I met these lovely ladies (who were kind enough to be in my photo)... the woman on the right is a local artist and knows my family... even has some of my Aunt's painted Christmas ornaments.  The woman on the near left is from Syracuse, NY and is a snow bird heading home come Monday.

Oh yes.... Snowbirds!!!  Those who flock away from the winters...I may just aspire to be on myself!!!!

In any case, I give the East Social Center 2 tan thumbs UP!!!

Tomorrow...I will be visiting Tubac, AZ one of my Most Favorite towns ON EARTH!!! (No pool but OH THE COLORS!!!)

I'll be back... You Be Blessed!!!

Reminded Continually, Gratefully

I feel so incredibly Blessed!!!  

This move is huge for me... as big as when I moved at 21 to Maui the first time not knowing anyone.  I am gratefully reminded that this worked out just fine... incredible actually... I have AMAZING friends, I have loved Maui for 21 years and it will always welcome me with open arms... such a comforting thought.

While I am having an incredibly blessed time here in Green Valley, AZ with my family and their friends I have found myself having to "deal" with "stuff" that effects my life.  There seems to be one glitch and lately I have found myself feeling frustrated about this.

Oh but the grace of God!  Today I was gently reminded that indeed He has ALL of the details under control.  

I borrowed a book from my family's church library,  Be Anxious For Nothing by Joyce Meyer.  I couldn't have picked a better book, first of all, and the message is so crystal clear!!!

Here are some quotes:

"The purpose of "testing" ground is to teach us to deny the flesh (our forced way) and depend on the Spirit in order to build character in us as we go through the hard times and refuse to give up."

"When God starts something , He carries it through to completion without any struggle on our parts."

So I thought... is this, what I am doing, God's plan???  In true Katherine Carey form I wrote a list!!!

Why do I believe God started this maneuver in my life?

. God placed me as a manager of Hanzawa Store (I applied to be a clerk they offered me management)
. By being the manager I learned all the necessary tools/skills to run my own business successfully.
. God allowed me to be in a situation that opened the door to receive unemployment for the first time in my life (I have held jobs since I was 15)
. He made my move from Maui incredibly smooth, organized, and I accomplished everything I needed to even delegating when I needed the help (Huge Mahalo's to my dear friend Sandra for helping with my last task!)
. He rapidly moved me from Maui to Arizona the night I left...I have never experienced a travel like that...Bam! I was here hours before I expected to be.
. I have been richly blessed, wanting for nothing, since the last day I worked at Hanzawa's (which was the day before Thanksgiving).
. I have favor already in New Jersey (where I will start off) though I have never been there and I am not even there yet!
. I am FULL of possibility!!

So with this list I realize I have nothing to worry about.  God has the details and what am I to do while I am here in limbo before I begin my new life?

I think ENJOY myself, ENJOY my family, renew my soul, soak in God's promises and the Green Valley Recreational pools, the GVR hot tubs too!

God has me covered...I am Ready, Willing, and Able!!!

Be blessed today my friends... be encouraged... and if you are in question as to the "is this His plan?"... backtrack your blessings and you will see... is it you pushing or is it God leading?  If it feels fairly effortless... it's God!  There is still work to be done by us but if it is a "real" struggle (you know the ones where we seem to be constantly hitting the wall head first), maybe just maybe if we let go and let God we will rapidly be placed in a land of favor!

For now...I am off to the pool and the will enjoy a day with my Mom's dear friends...ciao!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Here I Grow!!!

A new chapter deserves a new page...however this is not a new chapter for me in life...THIS IS a New Book!!!  Therefore this deserves a New Blog. 

Everything is fresh these days.  Brand New!!!  I have just changed my life...I have leapt of the cliff into the unknown.   I did not do this unintentionally...quite the opposite.  I climbed up that cliff for a long, long, LONG time...rather struggling most often.  But I got to the top all right one little step at a time. 

And there I stood.  I gazed out into the abyss longing for SO MUCH MORE!!!  I knew I had it in me...I have gifts that are gifted to me to be used.

Yet I waited.  I stood on the edge for what seemed like years (it was actually years!) and in the end I was literally on my tippy-toes, arms stretched out, leaning forward, one foot off the ground, balancing at the edge waiting for the breathe of God to whisper..."Now."

And one day it happened.  I stepped off and God has guided me ever since...AMAZINGLY guided me, carefully, gently, swiftly, lately rapidly, but always, ALWAYS He has my hand (trick is...I need to hold's only me that will let go of Him...He will always hold out His hand...and that can be a bit of a slip to remember at times).

Oh I have chapters of this part of the journey and if you are interested I encourage you to read them for this Launch into My Destiny has not come as a whimsy or without sincere patience, trust, and effort.  You'll find these posts at my former blog:

But onto The New...The Launching My Destiny!!!!  I am currently in a holding zone (by choice) while I prepare to launch straight into My Dream!  And what is that?  

Well, for me, My Dream is to live in NYC and make my hats (for I am a Milliner), to paint my paintings and murals (for I am an Artist) and to study all that there is to study from F.I.T. (The Fashion Institute), to perusing ALL the museums (at least one a week), to the truly rich culture that IS NYC!!!

I have longed to do this since I was 23 and now I WILL be doing this 2 days after my 43rd birthday...HOW AMAZING!!!!  20 years later...BUT NOT late at all!!!

I appreciate the journey of my life and all I can think of is "How Grateful!" that I am now ready to take this next leap of faith...ready, willing, and able!!!  

As of now I have left my beloved home in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii (where I have lived on and off for 21 years which is 1/2 of my life so far) and I am currently spending some richly wonderful time with Mi Familia in Green Valley, Arizona (just below Tucson).  I am so, so blessed to be here with my Mom and Dad, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Cousin's kids, Cousin's kid's kids...I mean really what a joy!!! 

I can think of no better way to prepare than to be loved up and filled with heritage and for the next month that is precisely what is on the agenda!  That and mas margaritas!!!  Already I begin to enjoy the culture.

Come back soon and join me.  I hope that I can encourage You to reach out and follow Your Dreams for it is never too late to Live Your Destiny!!!