Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Here I Grow!!!

A new chapter deserves a new page...however this is not a new chapter for me in life...THIS IS a New Book!!!  Therefore this deserves a New Blog. 

Everything is fresh these days.  Brand New!!!  I have just changed my life...I have leapt of the cliff into the unknown.   I did not do this unintentionally...quite the opposite.  I climbed up that cliff for a long, long, LONG time...rather struggling most often.  But I got to the top all right one little step at a time. 

And there I stood.  I gazed out into the abyss longing for SO MUCH MORE!!!  I knew I had it in me...I have gifts that are gifted to me to be used.

Yet I waited.  I stood on the edge for what seemed like years (it was actually years!) and in the end I was literally on my tippy-toes, arms stretched out, leaning forward, one foot off the ground, balancing at the edge waiting for the breathe of God to whisper..."Now."

And one day it happened.  I stepped off and God has guided me ever since...AMAZINGLY guided me, carefully, gently, swiftly, lately rapidly, but always, ALWAYS He has my hand (trick is...I need to hold on...it's only me that will let go of Him...He will always hold out His hand...and that can be a bit of a slip to remember at times).

Oh I have chapters of this part of the journey and if you are interested I encourage you to read them for this Launch into My Destiny has not come as a whimsy or without sincere patience, trust, and effort.  You'll find these posts at my former blog:


But onto The New...The Launching My Destiny!!!!  I am currently in a holding zone (by choice) while I prepare to launch straight into My Dream!  And what is that?  

Well, for me, My Dream is to live in NYC and make my hats (for I am a Milliner), to paint my paintings and murals (for I am an Artist) and to study all that there is to study from F.I.T. (The Fashion Institute), to perusing ALL the museums (at least one a week), to the truly rich culture that IS NYC!!!

I have longed to do this since I was 23 and now I WILL be doing this 2 days after my 43rd birthday...HOW AMAZING!!!!  20 years later...BUT NOT late at all!!!

I appreciate the journey of my life and all I can think of is "How Grateful!" that I am now ready to take this next leap of faith...ready, willing, and able!!!  

As of now I have left my beloved home in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii (where I have lived on and off for 21 years which is 1/2 of my life so far) and I am currently spending some richly wonderful time with Mi Familia in Green Valley, Arizona (just below Tucson).  I am so, so blessed to be here with my Mom and Dad, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Cousin's kids, Cousin's kid's kids...I mean really what a joy!!! 

I can think of no better way to prepare than to be loved up and filled with heritage and for the next month that is precisely what is on the agenda!  That and mas margaritas!!!  Already I begin to enjoy the culture.

Come back soon and join me.  I hope that I can encourage You to reach out and follow Your Dreams for it is never too late to Live Your Destiny!!!



  1. I love this! I will be following your journey and praying for you everyday! I pray that God will bless your life abundantly and give you every desire of your heart! Remember to keep your eyes on Christ and keep reaching for the STARS!! I love you bunches! God Bless You, Sandy C

  2. I am with you! May your journey be full of enrichment!

  3. Hello Katherine, how amazing that I hear from you today... I was just thinking about you as I read the latest J. Peterman catalog which featured a gorgeous hat for sale (a Derby hat they called it, lush and flowery) anyway I thought, Katherine Carey makes hats much more beautiful than this and soon I will see her hats in famous catalogs... and poof there is your fb msg! Lots of love to you in your adventure, and I will for sure follow your blog. Love, Donna

  4. Oh Donna! Hooray!!! Wonderful to see you!!! xoxox