Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's A Smokin' Peep Show!!!

Today it was an experiment... Roasting Peeps!!!

So my Mom built a fire and we set out to explore the possibilities of Peep Roasting.  

For this recipe you will need the following:

.Willing Peeps
. Skewers
. A Fire

And we are ready to commence the roast!!!

Hhhhmmmm.... toasty buns!!!

Just about...

Yes!!!  Fully roasted to perfection!!!

Don't burn your mouth!!!

Yes!!!  We BOTH agree.... Roasted Peeps will now be an Easter Tradition... deelightfully tasty, the sugared coating offers a caramelized crunch... next time we are stuffing the Peeps in chocolate and grahams!!!


photos by Carol Carey 
Peep Roaster


  1. Hahahaha! Happy Easter!
    PS where's the BBQ salsa!

  2. not sure i'll be having roasted peeps anytime soon. lovin' that you did!!! happy easter mom and daughter and papa, too!!! lovin' you always miss katherine....peep peep peep.....