Friday, April 15, 2011

Pool Review #1

It's true Peeps!!!  I am in the land of poolside bliss!!!
Green Valley, Arizona where the people come to R&R on a daily basis (unless of course they are playing card games, throwing parties, or enjoying margarita's at Wisdom's - two for one Tuesday nights!)  Sheesh...I can barely keep up with this crowd!!!

But how about those pools!!?!!!

So in Green Valley they have the GVR which is MULTIPLE-locations-for-one membership of pools, workout rooms, meeting halls, basic fabulousness.  One membership... endless choices!!!

Now since I am planning on writing blog reviews of Irish pub fare once I get to NYC I thought... why not start with the low down of the pool fare here in the desert!!!

So for Today's Choice I enjoyed thoroughly...

The East Social Center Darlings!!!

I love the architecture of this building and found out it is the original GVR pool in town!  It's so beautiful from the outside with the arches and then as you can see...las rosas!!!!  Let's take a stroll through the garden...

So Dreamy!!!

She reminds me of Alice's stroll through the flowers in Wonderland

 Yes indeed...a stop for a gaze and a sniff... absolutely divine!!!

Hey!  But what about the pool????

No worries on this!!!  I love this pool!  It reminds me of a grand (in size) version of my friend Leslie's pool (except we have to wear swimsuits... well let me re-word this... want to wear swimsuits here!)  Oh but it is So Lovely... large but not too large, there are foam water "noodles" in every color to borrow for your floating pleasure... the hot tub located in the far right corner is tres hot and tres deep (my Mom and I are fans!).  In fact we are planning on enjoying this hot tub Sunday night for the full moon gazing...fantabulous!!!

I met these lovely ladies (who were kind enough to be in my photo)... the woman on the right is a local artist and knows my family... even has some of my Aunt's painted Christmas ornaments.  The woman on the near left is from Syracuse, NY and is a snow bird heading home come Monday.

Oh yes.... Snowbirds!!!  Those who flock away from the winters...I may just aspire to be on myself!!!!

In any case, I give the East Social Center 2 tan thumbs UP!!!

Tomorrow...I will be visiting Tubac, AZ one of my Most Favorite towns ON EARTH!!! (No pool but OH THE COLORS!!!)

I'll be back... You Be Blessed!!!

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