Thursday, April 28, 2011


Let's have a quick review of last week (Easter Week):

Went with Mom to American Heartline where 500+ chocolate chip cookies were baked and packed to be sent off to soldiers.  We were there from 2:30 - 4:30p and this is an impressive group of volunteers... completely organized and fairly simple... amazing!!! I had the opportunity to work with these caring folks twice.

6 dozen eggs
endless flour and chocolate chips

The Scoopers!!!!

87 lbs of cookies!!!

Sans a couple "taste" cookies... quality control!!!

All packed in bags of 8 cookies, with stickers on the bags and tied with red, white, and blue ribbons....SWEET!!!  Literally!!!

Delivered to a troop that is likely much happier!!!!

Oh.... and the kids of the Continental Elementary School (they use their cafeteria) write letters and cards from the heart to add to the boxes... each box is sent to one soldier and has 43 (or so lbs.) of cookies to share amongst their friends.

So that was our Monday.


I can not remember Tuesday except that we, of course, headed to Wisdom's Cafe for our weekly dose of AMAZING margarita's...two for one Tuesdays!!!!

In Tumacacori, AZ

Just look for the Big Chicken!!!


My Dad's High School Class Picnic... Class of 1952

My Pop's is (slightly) cut off in the upper left corner (red shirt) ... look at this beautiful property....GREEN in Tucson!!!  Amazing!!! I was impressed with how many of his classmates came... they were a fun group and we feasted excellently.

Me and my Mom with the lady of the casa (sitting).


Lunch with my Tia Bea... j'adore her SO MUCH!!!

Isn't she SO CUTE!!!!

Oh and the flat enchilada's...YUMMY TREAT!!!

After this I headed to see my Aunt Myrtle and Uncle John, meet up with my cousin's Kari and Jenny and with my Mom the girls headed off for a 4th Ave. shopping trip... I managed to not spend much $... Brava!!!


Errands!!!  AND Paint purchased to fluff up backyard... (this week's project)

Beautiful Good Friday Service at the Evangelical Free Church of Green Valley


A Very Special Tour of Tucson's Presidio Museum and San Xavier Mission

SO GOOD This will get a post all on it's own!!!

Coming Soon!!!

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