Friday, April 15, 2011

Reminded Continually, Gratefully

I feel so incredibly Blessed!!!  

This move is huge for me... as big as when I moved at 21 to Maui the first time not knowing anyone.  I am gratefully reminded that this worked out just fine... incredible actually... I have AMAZING friends, I have loved Maui for 21 years and it will always welcome me with open arms... such a comforting thought.

While I am having an incredibly blessed time here in Green Valley, AZ with my family and their friends I have found myself having to "deal" with "stuff" that effects my life.  There seems to be one glitch and lately I have found myself feeling frustrated about this.

Oh but the grace of God!  Today I was gently reminded that indeed He has ALL of the details under control.  

I borrowed a book from my family's church library,  Be Anxious For Nothing by Joyce Meyer.  I couldn't have picked a better book, first of all, and the message is so crystal clear!!!

Here are some quotes:

"The purpose of "testing" ground is to teach us to deny the flesh (our forced way) and depend on the Spirit in order to build character in us as we go through the hard times and refuse to give up."

"When God starts something , He carries it through to completion without any struggle on our parts."

So I thought... is this, what I am doing, God's plan???  In true Katherine Carey form I wrote a list!!!

Why do I believe God started this maneuver in my life?

. God placed me as a manager of Hanzawa Store (I applied to be a clerk they offered me management)
. By being the manager I learned all the necessary tools/skills to run my own business successfully.
. God allowed me to be in a situation that opened the door to receive unemployment for the first time in my life (I have held jobs since I was 15)
. He made my move from Maui incredibly smooth, organized, and I accomplished everything I needed to even delegating when I needed the help (Huge Mahalo's to my dear friend Sandra for helping with my last task!)
. He rapidly moved me from Maui to Arizona the night I left...I have never experienced a travel like that...Bam! I was here hours before I expected to be.
. I have been richly blessed, wanting for nothing, since the last day I worked at Hanzawa's (which was the day before Thanksgiving).
. I have favor already in New Jersey (where I will start off) though I have never been there and I am not even there yet!
. I am FULL of possibility!!

So with this list I realize I have nothing to worry about.  God has the details and what am I to do while I am here in limbo before I begin my new life?

I think ENJOY myself, ENJOY my family, renew my soul, soak in God's promises and the Green Valley Recreational pools, the GVR hot tubs too!

God has me covered...I am Ready, Willing, and Able!!!

Be blessed today my friends... be encouraged... and if you are in question as to the "is this His plan?"... backtrack your blessings and you will see... is it you pushing or is it God leading?  If it feels fairly effortless... it's God!  There is still work to be done by us but if it is a "real" struggle (you know the ones where we seem to be constantly hitting the wall head first), maybe just maybe if we let go and let God we will rapidly be placed in a land of favor!

For now...I am off to the pool and the will enjoy a day with my Mom's dear friends...ciao!!!

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  1. OKAY... here's how AMAZING God IS!!!! In regards to this particular entry I got to a place last night where I needed to LET GO AND LET GOD and so I wrote my request/NEED out on paper and placed in my Bible at Psalm 55:22 which reads:

    Give your burdens (which this was) to the Lord,
    and he WILL TAKE CARE of you.
    He will not permit the godly to slip and fall.

    I prayed over my concern, asked for guidance and resolution and closed the Bible.

    Today I read J. Meyer's book and posted this entry.

    TONIGHT I GOT MY ANSWER!!!! God took care of everything.

    I am now COMPLETELY FREE and ever so grateful!!!

    I just wanted to share this because as important as it is to go to God in prayer it is even more important (in my opinion) to SHARE PRAISE REPORTS and how awesome God is at answering our prayers and taking our burdens off of us!!! And this IS SUCH a praise report!!!

    Hallelujah!!! Be Blessed!!!