Part-time millinery production/sales (East Village)

Well... I know exactly who's shop that is because just a few months ago, in fact the night before I bought my ticket I saw this exact job!!!!  I sent an email to her saying...I'll be there in May...I figured it couldn't hurt.  

AND She wrote me back and so I was planning on going to say "hello" next week and then I saw today's post.

Obviously I went to my email to write her and say "It's Me...remember me???"  BUT SHE BEAT ME TO IT and there in my mailbox was:

Dear Katherine,

You might recall that you answered an ad I placed on Craigslist for an assistant back in February.  As it turns out, we've been really busy, and I'm looking again for some extra help.  I came across your email, where you mentioned that you were planning to come to New York in May.

Are you still interested in talking?  Please get in touch,

Barbara Feinman


SO... I just may be hopping into the city in the morning...I did email her back ... God had definitely lined this one up and it doesn't matter if I get "the job" or not... God is simply showing me YET AGAIN..."You are EXACTLY where you need to be because I personally placed you there!"

To this I say...."Thank YOU GOD!!!!"

"Thank YOU! Thank YOU!Thank YOU! THANK YOU GOD!!!!"

So gratefull YOU ARE AT THE WHEEL!!!!

I would totally appreciate YOUR prayers as I step into even more unknown territory.  God may have lined this up but I think mass prayer will make Him smile and just one of those gleems from His Teeth just may illuminate My Destiny.

Thank You!!!

I will certainly keep you all posted.