Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Champagne Moment

It's May 29, 2011...I NOW live on the East Coast in Jersey City, NJ across the river from Manhattan, NY.

OH how my life has changed!!!

So here's a Toast...To The Amazing Blessings God has granted me:

. November 2010 ~ Released me from my former job at Hanzawa Store in AMAZING terms that made it not only graceful but blessed, as well as, a month swifter than I expected (which was a real treat!)

. I was able to collect unemployment for the first time after working since I was about 15...TOTAL BLESSING

. My former boss gifted me a waive of personal loans from her in the sum of $1000 on my last day of work PLUS paid me a full salary though it was a short pay period, as well, she wrote me a wonderful 2 page letter of recommendation (that I have already used!)

............ (sip!).............

. I was gifted the month of December to retreat and realign myself for this next chapter of my life...a true crossroads...actually a brand new book!!!

. I made the decision to move to NY!!!  A dream I have had for 20 years!!!  To build my hat business and discover what is out here!

............ (sip!).............

. The night before I bought my ticket I answered a Craig's List add for "Millinery Production/Sales" - simply because I couldn't believe that exactly who I am was the job title.  I didn't expect a response as I wouldn't be in NY till May and this was February.

.  The job answered me!!!  I was asked to stop by when I arrive as she never knows if she will need help...this thrills me!!!  Just simply for the connection into the "hat" world of NY!!!


............ (sip! sip!).............

. Packing up my life goes smoothly and efficiently.

. I sell my Beloved Car Daisy (even though she is fighting me not too).

. I leave Maui on Excellent Terms, Fully Loved, like a Big Hug!!!

. I immediately am transported to Arizona (fastest flight I have ever experienced) swoosh!!!!!

. I get to hug my Mom!!!

. and then my Dad!!!

............ (sip!).............

. I have the total pleasure to recoup from "The Move" with Mi Familia...six weeks of spending quality time with them....SO, SO TREASURED!!!!

. My Mom and I repaint their backyard and it comes out FABULOUS!!!!

prior loveliness

absolute fabulousness

. I spend Easter with my family

. I get to celebrate Mother's Day WITH MY MOM!!!

. May 9th I turn 43 with a wonderful group of new friends in Green Valley, AZ

............ (sip!).............

. I land in NJ May 11, 2011

. I bike ride around the West Village, NYC, NY and then see The Statue of Liberty from Liberty Park which is now my neighborhood park....May 12th

. Very, very, very tired third night in I just take a peek at Craigs List... to see what's out there and I see, posted that day, May 13th, Millinery Production/Sales (!!!)... I immediately go to my email to write the shop (because, of course, I know this shop now) and in my email box ALREADY is a message from the store owner,  Barbara!!!!  FOR ME!!!

............ (sip!).............

.  I go to the shop, Barbara Feinman Millinery, East Village, NYC, NY on Saturday, May 14th to meet is a MATCH!!!! (We both feel so!!!!)

. I go in Monday May 16th for a try out and LEARN HOW TO BLOCK A HAT...something I have wanted to learn for YEARS!!!! (was actually hoping to learn by moving to NY...F.I.T (Fashion Institute) or maybe in London...HIGH ON THE LIST OF MUST-DO'S!!!!

. I get the call Monday night they want me to's how she hires someone...could I come in 2-3 days a week for 3 weeks and then after this I'd be on payroll...I say "YES (true I wouldn't be getting paid at first, HOWEVER, I would be learning what I was going to pay to learn for free!!!!) YES!!!

............ (sip!).............

.I go in to the shop that Saturday and before the day is done I am told that I am getting paid... I AM A STRAIGHT HIRE!!!!

............ (SIP!).............

.I started this whole process in November 2010 and 7 months later I have gone from "working" a job managing a  grocery store in beloved Haiku, Maui, creating my hats on the side to spending a month and a half with mi familia, to living here in My Dream, and in the first week here I have been hired to work with high-end milliner Barbara Feinman NOW getting PAID to learn what I came with the idea I would  pay to learn!!!!

. and the "topper"....I AM IN NYC!!!!!!

. As Sally Albright would "likely" say: It only took 20 years and 7 months and a week!!!

so my last SIP to that!!!!!

I thank God for taking me on this journey...I am grateful and amazed!!!!

Sometimes the blessings of our heart's desires come so fast it feels regular and even "too much".  In truth I was feeling this earlier today... overwhelmed and tired.  That's when I know a Real Champagne Moment NEEDS to happen... it's time to reflect and realize the AMAZINGNESS of My Dream Coming True!!!  So worth ALL the effort and ALL the process.  Counting my EVERY TIME!!!


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  1. CHEERS! ... and Congratulations! Now go live the dream!! :)