Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Countdown To Launch!!!

Today is Wednesday, May 4th and next week Wednesday, May 11th I am LAUNCHING Towards My Destiny... NYC!!!

I am thrilled and giddy... this is a Dream I have had for 20 years and in 7 days I will be deep into this Dream!!!!  It absolutely AMAZES me on a daily basis that the timing is NOW, that God is paving the way!!! I watch the next stepping stone be placed, rather effortlessly, right before me, and as I step onto this and prepare to take yet another step I see I am led to another launching point.

  I am reminded that it is not about jumping off one ledge but Life is a story of many ledges.

I am ready to step off and with much more confidence than I had felt the last time I stood at cliff's edge... however, I will do exactly what I did before... wait (this time patiently) for God's nudge.  His sweet soft whisper that will lift me off my feet and sending me soaring under the safety of His wings into ALL THE POSSIBILITY that My Life has in store.

I am SO excited!!!

My Life is about to go someplace I only dreamed about.  I have no expectations because this territory is absolutely unfamiliar.  I am open to what lies behind this Door that has opened with God's touch.

What exactly does God have in store for me???

I shall find out in a mere 7 days.

How Absolutely Thrilling!!!

Ever Grateful, Ready, Willing, and Able!!!

Yesterday I purchased a bookmark that I connected with so much.  It reads:

She was on a journey back to her wings.

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