Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Territory

Cornerstone Church Of Christ
Pacific Ave. , Jersey City, New Jersey
right aroud the corner from mi casa

There are three churches in my hood.  A Catholic Church whose steeple I see from my room, the Hispanic Church whose music was awesome today as I walked by and here...the beautiful Cornerstone Church Of Christ where I stepped boldly through and found myself in a completely new world.

One of the things I wanted to do while being out here was visit different churches old and new in the city...and I am blessed indeed to have this church 5 min walking distance away.

I've thought how amazing it would be to one day go to a service in Harlem but it turns out I JUST DID right here!!!

Yes INDEED I stood out in the crowd!!!

HUGE church, small congregation, and me.

I glowed I guess is the best way to say it. 

I simply dove in.

Out came the tamborines, in walked the church ladies in their hats, the gospel organist started up, out came the Bishop and he started to sing...I could barely understand a word...but I kept hearing Jesus so I  mumbled along to the tune....

Seems everyone else was so I fit right in!

We belted out "Nothing but the blood of Jesus" and it sounded like the entire church was full when there was really about 40 of us.

The offering came and I had my envelope and the tray wasn't passed, instead I was guided to walk up and drop it in the plate and in a train and haole me was led to lead the train!! 
(to clapping, tamborines, organs, and "hallelujah's!") 

All I could do was smile hugely...the congregation smiled was amusing to say the least.

And then the message came...
"The Power Of Prayer"

You KNOW I immediately felt at home with this.... I am in!

Acts, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, Job
Power  of prayer heals
Have confidence that God will do what He says
God WILL answer my prayer
Pray for my friends

District Elder Moses Priester, Jr. sang as he gave the sermon...passionately, beautifully he would talk and then it would turn into a melody. We ended with a spontaneous....

"There is power, power, wonder-working power in the precious blood of the lamb."

Then the prayer call and that was a beautiful site.  One fella fully got filled and rather overwhelmed with his love for Jesus and, well, lets just say that when the Dist. Elder realized he was going to keep shouting his praises (and he WAS shouting...shouting and bouncing) well the church just joined in....up tempo tamborines, loud drums, classic gospel organ...frankly I was waiting for Jake and Elwood to come down the aisle with Aretha...

all I could do was smile... I smiled for an hour and a half!!!

When it was all over I was warmly greeted by the congregation and even invited to have a soul food lunch downstairs to which I had to pass for this time...

I couldn't handle anymore new experiences this week...heck I just arrived four days ago and look how quickly God is launching me.

But I'll be back....

What a blessing!!!

Classically Blessed!

And the Lord shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul.
Isaiah 58:11

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