Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pop's Desert Aviary Kingdom

Welcome to Green Valley, Arizona!!!  

I have had the pleasure of having my living area be in the "Arizona" room, which is simply the back room with windows everywhere and big sliding glass doors.  This has allowed me to be greeted each morning by the bird community that visits here ALL DAY LONG to enjoy the treats my Dad sets out for them.  

These creatures LOVE their goodies and faithfully, daily, my Dad fills up their different feeding spots.

To get a "real" glimpse of the beauty I am beholding I have graciously found photos online of all the different breeds, giving photo credit where I am able.

I only wish I had audio to go along with this for as BEAUTIFUL as these birds are...they sound even more glorious!!!

Welcome to George Carey's Desert Aviary!!!

The man himself doing his daily duty while of course the birds wait (somewhat) patiently, definitely anxiously to go back to eating.

Here is the mix I watch everyday, ALL day!!! 

Special Featured Guest:
The Lazuli Bunting
photo by Doug Backlund

The Male Quail

The Lady Quail

The White-Crowned Sparrow

The Male Cardinal

The Lady Cardinal

The Curve-billed Thrasher

The Cactus Wren

The "Sweet" House Sparrows

The Male House Finch

The Lady House Finch

The Lesser (though I think Grander) Goldfinch

The "Sweet Sweet" Dove

This week's new addition The Black-headed Grosbeak

and of course....

The Woodpeckers

The Lady Woodpecker

As well, I have enjoyed all the new babies tweeting with effort using all their feathers at the same time!  So far I have seen baby doves, woodpeckers, and house finches, and if I am very fortunate then maybe, just maybe, I will get to see some baby quail before I go!!!


I can not forget!!!!

We also enjoy a Daily Visit by

"Bun-Bun" The Bunny
and his Gal-Pal (too shy for le camera)!!!

As well, here's a couple other fun and fabulous critters I have seen here on the property....

The Common (again I say Grande) Raven

and our Fabulous and Never Dull Visits with Our Neighbor

The Great Horned Owl
T. Beth Kinsey

Gratefully, GRATEFULLY, this visit I have not encountered any snakes, except those that are part of The Desert Museum safely behind glass.  I have seen bats flying at night, and was greeted leaving the airport by a coyote crossing the boulevard.  

Arizona... absolutely gorgeous and absolutely never dull!!!!

Hawk taking a dip in my family's birdbath
photo by Carol Carey

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  1. sigh... well this morning.... baby rattlesnake on the front porch sleeping... I guess I have seen it all now!