Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where For Art I????

My GOODNESS.... it's been a long while!!! About 2 months worth of long while!!!

It's as if I have been lost in the Great Big Apple!!! I guess I have.  I have spent that last 2 months getting into the flow of this, My New Life.

. I have created a new website www.wix.com/kcmillinery/hats 
. I have made a few new hats!

Created some art...

set up my home sweet home....


I am still doing what I was doing when I last checked in (and I promise not to take so long or abandon you).

I have learned SO much from Barbara Feinman and her Millinery business at 66 East 7th St. NYC.  I think this has grabbed most of my attention for it was essential to dive in deeply and soak in all that was necessary to be a solid and valuable part of her team.

I have learned classic straw hat making: blocking and classic trims.  Each step and process has felt like a family member I haven't never seen but knew existed showing up and we just are so happy to meet each other.  We were meant for each other and we are part of each other. 

Basically...I am meeting my bliss. 

I am still absolutely amazed as I walk towards the trains that will take me to NYC.  I AM HERE!!!  After all these years I have made it to my heart's desire. I am daily amazed at what my eyes are seeing. The architecture, the views, the people, the fashion, the parks.  I am in love and it seems the feeling is absolutely mutual!

to the train!

Times Square...happy accidental detour one eve!!!

Washington Square park...on route to work...SO LOVE IT HERE!!!

Aaaaaahhhhh...The Met!!! xoxoxo

Sundays in NY!!!

Central Park...blissful!

and The Food!!!!

It's a pretty amazing daily ride!!!

Yet...here comes my human nature.... to be truthful these past two months I have wondered...wondered about where I am living, where I am working...both are true blessings and yet I know I am meant for so much more.  More pay for my efforts and talents, and to actually live in the state I want to live in, in the city I want to live in.  

I found this to be a little bit of a struggle.  Not a bad struggle...let's call it a stretch. It has done what it was meant to do which is bring me closer to God (exactly what He was hoping for).  I dove deeply into His promises.

I so know that God has plans for my future and is guiding me along the best pathways for my life and I see what the possibilities are and... well... it is simply time for me to rest in this promise...patiently.

I don't want to seem ungrateful for I am NOT!!!  I am most appreciative of the multitude of daily blessings I see.  When I start to slip down my slide of questioning it's time for me choose to focus on these obvious blessings.  

It's all about the focus right?  What are you choosing to "see"?

When I realized this I saw that YES! I will soar to greater heights, more fabulous residences, a career that I can feel proud of and that not only supplies my needs but allows for me to bless others joyfully...THIS IS IN PROGRESS!!!

And for now...for now I remember a wish I had (about 2 years ago after my trip to NYC).  I wished to simply allow myself to be a student. Not having to worry about career... possibly taking a student loan and just learning.  Something I never really allowed myself.  I know the value of schooling but always felt like it took too much time and I didn't want to give myself the time.

Well... I AM giving myself this gift of time and education. Not only that but it's as if I have a fully paid scholarship to embrace ALL of this learning. In fact, I came to this decision on July 20,2011...just about a week ago.  I wrote and signed the following:

I, Katherine Carey, am accepting the gift of Education, SOLELY, for "at least" the next year.
Until August of 2012 I will be pursuing the levels of knowledge necessary for my career.
This is a Sabbatical.  This is A Gift.  I will study:
.classic hat making
.running a hat business - both at Barbara Feinman Millinery (my JOB!)
.marketing - all home self studies and courses at F.I.T. (The Fashion Institute)
.art history - the Met, MOMA, Guggenheim, Whitney, etc
.US history- Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, and all the amazing historical sites NYC has to offer!
As well as any other subjects that spark interest.
This is my commitment... Katherine Carey

This basically means that I will soften my quest to push my business and let my business grow naturally AS IT IS. I consider my lovely room in Jersey City to be my dorm room.  It's MOST affordable, a couple trains away from the city I love and has everything I need to "afford" to be a student.

As soon as I prayed over and made this commitment, signed it and hung it on my wall

I headed out for 2 of my 3 days of the work week.  I had an amazing day working with my favorite teacher Barbara Feinman herself.  I could feel my spirit soaking in every detail (and there are many details).  I bought myself a fresh new notebook to write in daily what I am learning/doing.  The next day after yet another fabulous work/learn session she offered me to showcase a few of MY Fall hats in the shop.

NOW...this is how God works and His sense of humor.  Just when I say to myself, ever so mightily... I accept and I will only be a student...with in two days I am offered to be... Myself, Katherine, A Milliner.  I simply smiled and said..."Hooray!!!!"

I think what is was is that I simply PASSED the test at hand!!!  A test within myself to ACCEPT where I am and more importantly EMBRACE HERE AND NOW!!!

Then...as of yesterday I was upgraded again... 4 fold!!!  My Uncle Pat had gifted me a New-To-Me and practically brand-new-completely laptop which I picked up and when I opened the package...I WAS BLOWN AWAY!!!!

The screen size is 4x's larger than what I have been using...I CAN SEE!!!  As well, this beauty (and it IS such a beauty) is full of memory, useful programs including Microsoft Office which has ALL the programs I want to learn!!!

So NOW I really AM SET to be a successful student and even better a SUCCESS in general.  I can truly run My Business!!!!

God has blessed me so!

SO this, My Dears, is what I have been up to.  A grateful, challenging, creative, beautiful life stretching towards and fulfilling My Dreams.  

(silently smiling blissfully)



  1. FABULOUS! Your words are most inspiring, keep it up ;)

  2. You once TOLD ME, in no uncertain terms, you kneww where you where going! I Didn't quite believe you at the time. But your FOCUS and PASSION has gotten you there..........Bravo!!!!!!

  3. the universal stars are dazzled by your brilliance goddess kat in the hat! i am so deeply happy for you and all you have blossomed into. next step... a mystery! you write the story every day just a beginning, a brand new chapter as you open your eyes into the morning sun. much love and continued success wished, dgy

  4. Inspiring Katherine! Courageous and Creative. Lots of love to you!

  5. you are right... you can also find latest Student Loans news online.

  6. It is so good to hear how your passions in life are coming of fruition. Every step of the way and through every day's joy, through GOD's help and your strength HE has given you, you have created inspiration and desire through your life. May the best keep coming to you. :)