Saturday, August 13, 2011



In fact this is me today, August 13, 2011 on 7th St. in the East Village, NYC just ready to cross over into my job.  I had just walked several blocks and had several strangers smile at me (due to my outfit and, of course, glow)...even had a comment that I was wearing "the best hat!" (from a busboy on the street!) classic NY.

So lets skip 8 hours till it's time to head back to the train that delivered me to NYC today.  I tied my hat to my bag while at work and I walked about 4 blocks through the E. Village down St. Marks St. which is a total zoo of people on a Saturday night at 8pm....people out and about EVERYWHERE!!!

As I waited for the light to change I look down and ... MY HAT IS NOT TIED TO MY BAG NOR IS IT ON MY HEAD!!! (sad face here)....(EXTREMELY sad face).

Oh...this hat and I have been through EVERYTHING together... I flashed across my mind ALL the adventures we had shared.... here's just a few:

Me on one of My First Adventures into NYC since moving here!!!!  

Driving Miss Daisy to Hana on a trio trip just my Hat, Miss Daisy and Moi     
Another driving Adventure with Dear Miss Clifton!!!!
Meeting Betsey Johnson!!!
When hat was first made years ago with Elizabeth as lovely model

Sigh..... The History!!!  Or Herstory!!! I immediately turn around and back track "just in case".  I see a literal sea of people, sigh a bit..."Why OH Why???!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!"

I make my first attempt at a positive thought..."I guess I have officially launched my hats into The Big Apple!"


I look on the ground...maybe? maybe? I look on people's heads...everyones!!!!  I think what if I do find it on someone's head?  Would the give it back to me?  I mean it's NY!!!  

Sigh (I know but LOTS of sighing is happening).

SO...past St. Marks...crud! Not there!  Cross the street and down 2nd Ave... Nada!  I get across and start to head down 7th (where I work)... it is feeling like a lost cause and I am tired already from long day BEFORE missing Hat!  

I vow to walk to the shop...I tell myself if it is not there then I shall go and have a glass of champagne at the Italian Cafe to toast My Hats presence in My send it off properly.  This gives me a little comfort... champagne...mmmmm....sigh...keep going.  

About half way down the block...hanging on a gate post....

Someone was so gracious to pick it up off the sidewalk (eeep!) and hang it up FOR ME!!!!

Like long lost friends I squealed with pure delight...My Hat squealed too...Hooray! Hooray! I promptly took it off the gate post...shouted a "Hallelujah!!!  Thank you Jesus!!!", tied the scarf tightly around my head and pretty much skipped all the way to the train!!!!


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  1. Blessed Hat of Many BLESSINGS. . ....which will continue to Bless you for years to come!!!!!!! what a happy ending to the never-ending journey of LIFE!!! whoopeee!!!! champagne to celebrate this one? i would think so!!!

    love YOU!!