Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Unwinding from the journey

It's completely late at night after an intensive 3 day push...I can not believe I have accomplished what I set out to do BUT I HAVE!!!  I am SO thrilled that by being diligent and in my own rhythm (which included late nights and multiple naps...including  a morning AND afternoon nap today alone)..well I have accomplished what I set out to do.  

I have my wholesale line COMPLETED WITH LINE SHEET days before the event (Friday morning)...this means I am clear to enjoy the next two days at the hat shop learning from Barbara, coming home and chilling out and the night before the event...I DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING but watch Project work till dawn moments....I am packed and prepared.  

Hoping the sleeping pills I took go into effect soon...but then again I am well rested from today's nap time.

What is this event???  Darlings it's Open See time yet again at Henri Bendel's 5th Ave. NYC!!! (some of you may remember when I did this 2 years ago...many of you sponsored my trek....bless you!)

So with that said...I present the following...
My Fall/Winter 2011-2012 and Spring 2012 Preview Wholesale Line:

                                          FALL/WINTER 2011/2012
                                  The Felts:

Felt Flower Cocktail
Felt Rose With Bow
Felt Flower With Pearl Buttons
The Carey Cloche
                               The Wools:
Wool Boucle Flower
Wool Rose With Netting

                         Spring Preview 2012

Cellophane Straw Boater
Cellophane Straw Cloche
Spring Twine Red

OKAY!!!  I can feel my over the counter sleep aid kicking in!!!  I laugh as I think about a recent documentary I watched on designer Tom Ford who mentioned that he takes several baths a day (I can SO relate as Once Upon A Time in a chateau in Haiku..I DID TOO!)...I guess now I nap!!!

But it was ALL worth it!!! 

I have done my part and God will do the rest.

Good Night!!! 


  1. This is so FABULOUS, Katherine!!! Oh my GoODness how beautifully it has all come together with your diilgence and permission to go with your own flow....including sleeping pills. (((Not a pattern to develop for sure.))) And to be done ahead of time is the icing on the cake. I am so proud for you!!! The hats are amazing. I am particularly in love with the felt rose with bow!!! SWEET!!!! Perhaps we can talk before Open See. I want to BLESS you for this important goal and opportunity of a lifetime. YOU DID IT!!! It's a given whether we speak or not. I LOVE YOU Miss Carey!!!!!

  2. YES...little helpers NOT a habit but needed to calm my wired brain. I'll take that blessing as I probably won't have a chance to hear your beautiful voice before Friday. I love you SO MUCH Steph! Thank YOU! xoxox

  3. Katherine... you are amazing. I love the cloche especially.

  4. Truly a spring metropolitan collection to be proud of!!! Brilliant , Katherine! You Go Girl!