Sunday, November 27, 2011

Moving on UP, UP, UP

From Manhattan Beach, Ca to Manhattan, NY...from the Island of Maui, Hawaii to the Island of Manhattan, NY...I HAVE FOUND MY HOME!!!!

Clear at the tippity-est tippy top of Manhattan resides the area of Inwood and soon Katherine Carey.

So here's the story, as the story far:
I, as most know, was searching and saving and what not.  Dealing with a lot of scams that I avoided, (sometimes barely), and keeping my faith though feeling a bit beaten up lately.


This morning, yet again, I answered some Craig's List ads.   The month is coming to an end and my intention was to be moved by beginning of December...if I could.

And then I got a call.  I feel I have been on edge when the phone rings (because of the! scams!) yet on the other line was a voice that sounded like me... a normal person actually looking for a normal housemate.  We both have housemate hunting issues and guards up.  But she was home today... so off went the lounge wear and on went the clothes and OFF I WENT on yet...another adventure into the Unknown.

I took my two trains to get me off of NJ and onto Manhattan ...found the A train and up, up, up, UP I went ALL the way to the top of my beloved island.  

Through the Village, and Midtown, past Central Park, past Harlem and into Washington Heights/Inwood.

I came up from the subway station and was prepared for what this "hood" would look/more importantly FEEL like.

It felt...fine.


There were businesses, people, lights, life.  It felt safe not seedy.


I called the woman and she walked up to meet me and we strolled less than 3 blocks to the apt.

She seemed normal (+++) and fine!

The building looked well kept up, older (as most are), CLEAN, and has lovely little tile work to walk upon.

One flight of steps up and in I go.

The entry way is narrow and has a small leather love seat (turns out it's the common area/living room LOL)

Classic NYC.

Then there is my room...I see black and white tiles on the floor and the room is an odd shape I can only describe as an octagon-ish design.
It's painted pale yellow like my JC room and a couple walls are a nice beige.  I see a window (++) and a heater (++) and it is furnished with a bed (++) and a nice love seat (rather over stuffed and lovely)...that can stay in the room.

We chat.

We both feel good.

So tomorrow I will bring a deposit over.

I will move after the first week of December as I will have all the funds necessary then.

In about two weeks I will be all settled in and will spend Christmas in My New Home with My New Housemates toasting My New Life living on the UPPER UPPER side of My Beloved Manhattan.

My wish list for absolutes (musts) was:
1. normal people (scams can do this )
2. safe neighborhood
3. close to train
4. "1" train from work


My wish list for what I would like as standards if possible (please):
1. working functional kitchen
2. could guests stay over?
3. furnished


My Wish List for what I WOULD LOVE!!!!! (you know LOVE):
1. working OVEN
2. bathtub


and my inner design wish that I had forgotten about many moons back was a love for black and white checkered floors and


So waiting a week longer to have enough money...not a problem.  

My Dream HAS COME TRUE!!!!


2 years ago....

and now....

           Katherine IS IN NYC!!!!!

Thank You God!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is It?

Now as AMAZING as my past six months have been and the celebration was (and It WAS) is most definitely NOT a time for me to rest on my laurels (I don't even think I have any to rest upon) but IS time to launch forward!!!

Or Is It?

I have much to do.  

I would appreciate a new casa to live in that is preferably in NYC, but at least in the state of NY!  This presents quite a challenge as there is only so much fund-age I have been able to save/raise and then of course the actual finding of a place that is real and wants me.  

I am not "out on the street", I can stay longer where I am in Jersey City, but the travel into NYC is draining my wallet and energy rapidly.

Then there is work.

The conundrum of looking for even MORE work, which frankly seems ridiculous as I am holding down my position at Barbara Feinman Millinery along with growing my own business, Katherine Carey Millinery...which, in fact, is the reason I came to NYC in the first place!!!

Whew! Breathe!

Sigh... I know, it is what it is...but then today made me think...Is It?

I thought this because I have tried to be as diligent as possible (as seen in prior post) and I have been!  As well, I have been as frugal as possible whilst still allowing myself the simple pleasures when possible...hence the Lila Downs concert at Carnegie Hall (which I love as this AMAZING treat of a performance at this AMAZING historical venue cost $36!!!)  What a blessing!

Still, for being a Fashionista, my wardrobe is small and incredibly basic, as well as, insufficient for the upcoming Winter season.  My shoes are getting a work out from the NY walk and...well...I feel no guilt about what has been able to be put away in the savings jar.  I am impressed actually and is not enough.

And I realized the other day that, indeed, I was so grateful for acquiring more Patience as more Patience was being required in My EVERY area of My Life.  

Every single area.  

Home, Work, Love, Business, Finance, Commute, Foot ware, Winter wardrobe, Family health... and there was nothing I could do about any of these things.  They ALL required time and none of Me.

So I let go.  Not easy for a strong Taurean Monkey who not only is stubborn but has a tight grip on as many aspects of her life as possible.

But I did.  

I let go while waiting for train delays over the weekend while other commuters were flipping out all around me.  I let go while waiting for responses for apt.'s to answer me back.  I waited to add another day to my shop schedule.  I waited for checks to come in fully, waited for someone to purchase something from my website, waited to hear how my Aunt was doing as she waited in the hospital, and so on.

Interestingly, as I waited that day I focused on beauty.  I focused on the beauty everywhere around me.  Each tree and leaf in all their Autumn splendor, 

the way the leaves looked against the cement,

the structure of the buildings, the history everywhere. the people around me, the subway platform...I simply focused in.

Everything so beautiful.

That is my job.  Look for the beauty and let God do the rest. My intention is spot on, my ability and capability are present, I show up, I am ready, willing, and able...and I am NOT in control what-so-ever!!!

You know what I really want to do???

I want to ENJOY THIS SEASON!!!  

This Season I have waited for for numerous years to enjoy!!!  Holidays in two days there is the Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade which I have wanted to see since I was a kid...AND I WILL!!!  There is a soiree at The Plaza the night before with a small group of very cool, very kind souls that befriended me when I got here...AND I WILL GO!!!  Then it's Holiday Time in NYC!!!  Christmas and New Year's and all I want to do is simply...


That IS IT!!!

                             SO BE IT!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reflection & Foresight.. . . Joyeux Anniversaire!!!

My first day on East Coast May 2011

Tomorrow is my 6th month Anniversary of moving towards NYC! In the past 6 months I have:

. Relocated!
. Found employment working for a Milliner as a Milliner in the heart of the East Village
. Learned the classic hat making skills I sought out to learn
. Designed a Fall/Winter/Spring collection blocking felts and straws
. Designed and created a fabulous website
. Have seen
and met Michelle Shocked and The English Beat
. Am going to see Lila Downs in Carnegie Hall TONIGHT!
. Been on a weekend trip to upstate NY to visit my brother
. Been on a weekend trip to Connecticut to visit my best friend
. Been to the Statue of Liberty
. Survived the "schvitzing" of a NYC summer

. Survived Hurricane Irene ... literally 
. Survived at least 2 months with random hot water, generally no hot water ...pain in the __ __ __!!!
. Been through one snow storm IN OCT!!!
. Experienced the beauty of Autumn

. Became an author and wrote a chapter for a collaborative book Ready? Set? Jump Anyways!
 . Strolled endless times through Central Park
. Experienced my first (but not at all last) Fashion Week
. Participated in the Henri Bendel Open See
. Created a wholesale line
. Created a line sheet for my wholesale line
. Met some new wonderful souls

. Have found Myself stronger, healthier, slimmer than ever...must be the mass amounts of strolling I do!!!  That and being fulfilled!!!  INDEED!!! FULFILLED!!!
. Have watched the moon grown full every month
. Have seen Dreams come true

For You Katherine on Your Anniversary Of Following Your Heart... a Bouquet!!!

Here's to the Next Six...what WILL They bring???

What would YOU like?

Well... I am:
. Living in a cozy home for my stay in NY in NY.
. Working with other designers creating hats for runway shows.
. My Chapeaux are featured in magazine shoots.
. Stores PURCHASE My Hats.
. I am paid well for the work I do.
. I retreat somewhere beautiful and silent.
. I am in Paris for Haute Couture Fashion Week.
. My website IS a valuable and sustainable part of my income.
. I travel and spend time with those I love.
. I am successfully working for Myself. 
. I meet the right people, the best doors open, I walk through...but of course!
. I have the stamina, strength, determination, ability, and will for such.

Here's to Hopes and Dreams!!!!   

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ponderings...Part One Reflections of A Dream

I Ponder ... what is next? 

I AM in the Present but in the Present it is time to make a move...physically.  I, in order to do such, need to consider where I am and what I am doing.  

Time to Reflect~~~

Once I had A Dream... and My Life felt so empty with out if something Of Great Importance was missing.  It was.  My Destiny.

I asked God for help and I received what I needed to make this move... Help.  That Help has given me a year...Nov., Dec., Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, Jun., Jul., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov.

I spent the first month with the Gift of Dreaming.  Allowing Myself to "consider" ALL of what I was be really clear.

I came to the Realization that INDEED it is Time 2 GO 2... ----> NYC, and then Paris & London (I can not forget those as they are clearly seen here in my collage of Heart!

I dug deeper into My Spirit to picture Myself upon this Quest.  I came up with...

A Very Clear Vision!

I then set forward towards doing My Part in achieving My Dream.  I knew God was completely on top of his part but I was responsible for My Share.

So I set my Executive Office and Studio in order and started The Work!

How to use as much of my supplies as possible and make The Grand Collection to Launch Moi???

Voila!!!  Las Rosas!!!
Then I had The Showcases...

In The Garden
Las Rosas finding Casa's
Always They Match Their Beholder
At The Fifi & Bootzie Boutique
Finding New Casa's
Milliner in Action

My Heart melts with The Amazing Support!

Mi Finale at Mi Casa
The Art ready for Ownership
Choices made
Again...a familiar site
At VIP Events
And finally I AM PAU!!! That WAS a Marathon!!!!

I did it.  I really really did IT!!!!

Then came The Farewells (for now)...

Ms. Clifton and My Miss Daisy
Denni's Birthday with Sandra
Tom and Kat
The Girls at Leslie's opening
Mi Amour
My Heart...the Pups of Haiku...Poke'e, Haley, and Buddy

To Mi Casa Haiku
To Beautiful Maui
And time spent soaking!

A Hui Hou!!! 


April 1st and I am in Arizona with Mi Familia for 6 weeks of Love, R & R, time well spent!

Margaritas were in order...but of course!
A little bird feeding and viewing with Pops

a little backyard painting with my show off beautiful tile mural of my Aunt Jeannette (to my right).  My Aunt Myrtle (to my left)...I so love my Aunties!!!
And my Great Aunties...Tia Bea!!! xoxoxo
Then came my 43rd Birthday
And then came....

My Launch....
hmmmmm...remember just 5 months earlier....

There you have it... Part One.... 
Reflections Of  A Dream!!!

And the Most Amazing part hasn't even begun's just a few days away.

What I get out of this First Part is that I am Richly Blessed with The Most Wonderful Supportive Ohana in the Whole Wide World!!!!

I say...Mahalo Nui Loa!!! I LOVE YOU!!!