Sunday, November 27, 2011

Moving on UP, UP, UP

From Manhattan Beach, Ca to Manhattan, NY...from the Island of Maui, Hawaii to the Island of Manhattan, NY...I HAVE FOUND MY HOME!!!!

Clear at the tippity-est tippy top of Manhattan resides the area of Inwood and soon Katherine Carey.

So here's the story, as the story far:
I, as most know, was searching and saving and what not.  Dealing with a lot of scams that I avoided, (sometimes barely), and keeping my faith though feeling a bit beaten up lately.


This morning, yet again, I answered some Craig's List ads.   The month is coming to an end and my intention was to be moved by beginning of December...if I could.

And then I got a call.  I feel I have been on edge when the phone rings (because of the! scams!) yet on the other line was a voice that sounded like me... a normal person actually looking for a normal housemate.  We both have housemate hunting issues and guards up.  But she was home today... so off went the lounge wear and on went the clothes and OFF I WENT on yet...another adventure into the Unknown.

I took my two trains to get me off of NJ and onto Manhattan ...found the A train and up, up, up, UP I went ALL the way to the top of my beloved island.  

Through the Village, and Midtown, past Central Park, past Harlem and into Washington Heights/Inwood.

I came up from the subway station and was prepared for what this "hood" would look/more importantly FEEL like.

It felt...fine.


There were businesses, people, lights, life.  It felt safe not seedy.


I called the woman and she walked up to meet me and we strolled less than 3 blocks to the apt.

She seemed normal (+++) and fine!

The building looked well kept up, older (as most are), CLEAN, and has lovely little tile work to walk upon.

One flight of steps up and in I go.

The entry way is narrow and has a small leather love seat (turns out it's the common area/living room LOL)

Classic NYC.

Then there is my room...I see black and white tiles on the floor and the room is an odd shape I can only describe as an octagon-ish design.
It's painted pale yellow like my JC room and a couple walls are a nice beige.  I see a window (++) and a heater (++) and it is furnished with a bed (++) and a nice love seat (rather over stuffed and lovely)...that can stay in the room.

We chat.

We both feel good.

So tomorrow I will bring a deposit over.

I will move after the first week of December as I will have all the funds necessary then.

In about two weeks I will be all settled in and will spend Christmas in My New Home with My New Housemates toasting My New Life living on the UPPER UPPER side of My Beloved Manhattan.

My wish list for absolutes (musts) was:
1. normal people (scams can do this )
2. safe neighborhood
3. close to train
4. "1" train from work


My wish list for what I would like as standards if possible (please):
1. working functional kitchen
2. could guests stay over?
3. furnished


My Wish List for what I WOULD LOVE!!!!! (you know LOVE):
1. working OVEN
2. bathtub


and my inner design wish that I had forgotten about many moons back was a love for black and white checkered floors and


So waiting a week longer to have enough money...not a problem.  

My Dream HAS COME TRUE!!!!


2 years ago....

and now....

           Katherine IS IN NYC!!!!!

Thank You God!!!


  1. This story reminds me of my experience. I lived in midtown for a few years but after my roommate moved out, it was time to find an affordable place. Went through the craigslist routine and just felt nervous but the apt pics were just nice. Then got on the A train and although I was in midtown, it felt like forever. When I got off, saw a neighborhood that was alive and tons of store and said why not. two years later, I'm still here and happy!

  2. Aaaaah Wonderful to know Rafaela!!! Today I get to add one more thing that was on my deep inner wish list...something I didn't think would really be likely but IT IS!!!

    Living with a forest up the street....

    GOT IT!!!!

    So so good for this former jungle dwelling rain forest Mauian..SO SO SO SO SO good!!!