Monday, November 14, 2011

Ponderings...Part One Reflections of A Dream

I Ponder ... what is next? 

I AM in the Present but in the Present it is time to make a move...physically.  I, in order to do such, need to consider where I am and what I am doing.  

Time to Reflect~~~

Once I had A Dream... and My Life felt so empty with out if something Of Great Importance was missing.  It was.  My Destiny.

I asked God for help and I received what I needed to make this move... Help.  That Help has given me a year...Nov., Dec., Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, Jun., Jul., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov.

I spent the first month with the Gift of Dreaming.  Allowing Myself to "consider" ALL of what I was be really clear.

I came to the Realization that INDEED it is Time 2 GO 2... ----> NYC, and then Paris & London (I can not forget those as they are clearly seen here in my collage of Heart!

I dug deeper into My Spirit to picture Myself upon this Quest.  I came up with...

A Very Clear Vision!

I then set forward towards doing My Part in achieving My Dream.  I knew God was completely on top of his part but I was responsible for My Share.

So I set my Executive Office and Studio in order and started The Work!

How to use as much of my supplies as possible and make The Grand Collection to Launch Moi???

Voila!!!  Las Rosas!!!
Then I had The Showcases...

In The Garden
Las Rosas finding Casa's
Always They Match Their Beholder
At The Fifi & Bootzie Boutique
Finding New Casa's
Milliner in Action

My Heart melts with The Amazing Support!

Mi Finale at Mi Casa
The Art ready for Ownership
Choices made
Again...a familiar site
At VIP Events
And finally I AM PAU!!! That WAS a Marathon!!!!

I did it.  I really really did IT!!!!

Then came The Farewells (for now)...

Ms. Clifton and My Miss Daisy
Denni's Birthday with Sandra
Tom and Kat
The Girls at Leslie's opening
Mi Amour
My Heart...the Pups of Haiku...Poke'e, Haley, and Buddy

To Mi Casa Haiku
To Beautiful Maui
And time spent soaking!

A Hui Hou!!! 


April 1st and I am in Arizona with Mi Familia for 6 weeks of Love, R & R, time well spent!

Margaritas were in order...but of course!
A little bird feeding and viewing with Pops

a little backyard painting with my show off beautiful tile mural of my Aunt Jeannette (to my right).  My Aunt Myrtle (to my left)...I so love my Aunties!!!
And my Great Aunties...Tia Bea!!! xoxoxo
Then came my 43rd Birthday
And then came....

My Launch....
hmmmmm...remember just 5 months earlier....

There you have it... Part One.... 
Reflections Of  A Dream!!!

And the Most Amazing part hasn't even begun's just a few days away.

What I get out of this First Part is that I am Richly Blessed with The Most Wonderful Supportive Ohana in the Whole Wide World!!!!

I say...Mahalo Nui Loa!!! I LOVE YOU!!!


  1. AMAZING in every way!!! the Universe is very proud of you!!! as well as some little humans beans too!!

  2. human beans. . . ...that is. love love love love love!!!

  3. Thank You for being such a Very Important Part of all of ...This!!! You managed to catch SO MANY MEMOIRS~~~ xoxox

  4. although we miss you so much here, we are so proud of you too! loved the hat transformations... love and aloha, dede

  5. Wow! So intimate, really draws the reader in....What a nice chronicle. truly ready for your memoirs once the world is celebrating your creativity in the same sentence with Treacy!!! Congratulations!