Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reflection & Foresight.. . . Joyeux Anniversaire!!!

My first day on East Coast May 2011

Tomorrow is my 6th month Anniversary of moving towards NYC! In the past 6 months I have:

. Relocated!
. Found employment working for a Milliner as a Milliner in the heart of the East Village
. Learned the classic hat making skills I sought out to learn
. Designed a Fall/Winter/Spring collection blocking felts and straws
. Designed and created a fabulous website www.katherinecarey.com
. Have seen
and met Michelle Shocked and The English Beat
. Am going to see Lila Downs in Carnegie Hall TONIGHT!
. Been on a weekend trip to upstate NY to visit my brother
. Been on a weekend trip to Connecticut to visit my best friend
. Been to the Statue of Liberty
. Survived the "schvitzing" of a NYC summer

. Survived Hurricane Irene ... literally 
. Survived at least 2 months with random hot water, generally no hot water ...pain in the __ __ __!!!
. Been through one snow storm IN OCT!!!
. Experienced the beauty of Autumn

. Became an author and wrote a chapter for a collaborative book Ready? Set? Jump Anyways!
 . Strolled endless times through Central Park
. Experienced my first (but not at all last) Fashion Week
. Participated in the Henri Bendel Open See
. Created a wholesale line
. Created a line sheet for my wholesale line
. Met some new wonderful souls

. Have found Myself stronger, healthier, slimmer than ever...must be the mass amounts of strolling I do!!!  That and being fulfilled!!!  INDEED!!! FULFILLED!!!
. Have watched the moon grown full every month
. Have seen Dreams come true

For You Katherine on Your Anniversary Of Following Your Heart... a Bouquet!!!

Here's to the Next Six...what WILL They bring???

What would YOU like?

Well... I am:
. Living in a cozy home for my stay in NY in NY.
. Working with other designers creating hats for runway shows.
. My Chapeaux are featured in magazine shoots.
. Stores PURCHASE My Hats.
. I am paid well for the work I do.
. I retreat somewhere beautiful and silent.
. I am in Paris for Haute Couture Fashion Week.
. My website IS a valuable and sustainable part of my income.
. I travel and spend time with those I love.
. I am successfully working for Myself. 
. I meet the right people, the best doors open, I walk through...but of course!
. I have the stamina, strength, determination, ability, and will for such.

Here's to Hopes and Dreams!!!!   


  1. I lift a glass of champagne to you and your dreams (with a bejeweled wrist,,,bien sur) and several glitzy rings on my fingers! HJere's to you and your dreams, darling! YOU GO GIRL!!!

  2. The hats are hurtling towards our planet head-on! The heads are happy! :-)))

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