Thursday, January 19, 2012


I'm here! I'm here!  

I know it's been a long while...last "official" posting
    Nov. 27, Jan. 19, 2012.  

Last time I posted I was "just" about to move to the tippety top of Manhattan...AND I HAVE!!!

Then immediately the holidays came upon me.  Christmas in NY with all the lights, displays and wonderment...along with all the retail/production hours I put in.  And then just as my 4 week work jamble was starting to wind down I got a call into The Big Leagues!!!

All of the sudden I was making 4 hats for the National Tour Of Mary Poppins...the Broadway production!!! 

And then came this week.

Finally back to a pace that is smooth.  

I have indeed written some half done posts throughout this time but actually finishing them properly time has not permitted. I am barely doing this tonight even...but checking in is a great thing and I WILL be back on track pretty soon.  Well I am definitely ON TRACK...I mean Mary Poppins!!!  Please!!!  If I ever questioned why I wanted to live here for my career it is a certain on!

So after moving my self and belongs to the top of NYC, retail/production holiday marathon, Mary Poppins whizzing in and twirling me as fast as possible...what's a gal to do?

I say run to the sea!!!  The beautiful sea...the sand and salt air, the night sky, the endless ocean!

I'm running to Montauk, NY...from the very tip of Manhattan to the very tip of Long Island.  And I am doing this in complete style!  A lovely B&B 2 room suite, with fireplace in room, ocean view and directly across the road (it's country after all) to the sea AND for 4 long lux nights during...the next FULL MOON!!!

Aaaaaaaaaah Retreat!!! YES!!! RETREAT!!!

There is some shifting I feel happening.  Slowing down quietly for a few days allows me to understand and adjust to the shifts from the Universe.  These are very good movements and as I see God launch me swiftly into even my wildest dreams I want to be I plan to stare into one of God's wildest dreams...

I'll be back with photos from the holidays to Poppins to new casa to the sea!!!

Happy Brand New Year!!!


  1. Prayers of Peace, Energy and a Lovely LLLLLOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG Retreat to fulfill the hopes and dreams that will come true with you genuine belief in yourself and the art that is in you. Love to you, Kaye

  2. your blog, just like the sea, left me breathless!!!! Love, TiARE