Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Choice Snippets From My Week!  Spoiler alert there is delay between my voice and the video...after endless attempts I say "Suck it!"  It tis what it tis!
I didn't want to re-do the shoot because I say everything I want to so naturally it is worth, even, simply, a listen. 
So if you feel dizzy...sit back, close your eyes, and go from there!

With love...


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***Here are the links to all the goods!!!***

Sensuous Beauty with the beautiful Dae Williams

My New Favorite Discovery ...

The Brilliant Don E. Wells Jr.

Lets Get WELLthytm with Dream Warrior Jenni P


  1. Thank You Don (Le EXPERT!!!) Whew! It will only get better!

  2. Great work! All the bugs will work themselves out. Beside tech always has issues besides our best efforts! Rock it :)