Saturday, March 3, 2012

Let Me Eat Cake!

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast?  

It's that sort of day.  A day that rarely happens (in fact I can not remember the last time, if ever, I have indulged so), making this Extra Special.

What brought about such a ridiculous way to start my day?  Well a walk by a bakery yesterday helped.  I walked in and thought I really want cake.  I want to celebrate the abundance of knowledge pouring into my brain, the love pouring out of my heart, and the sweetness of my soul.

I chose chocolate with rainbow sprinkles.  

And then I forgot about it till around 12:30am when all of the sudden I was like "CAKE!"... but I used my wisdom and promised myself a deluxe breakfast! 

I make wise choices.

As well, this is the end of one way of life as I prepare the commencement of a New Way of Life!

I am diving soul first into a WELLNESS WAY.

It is time to strengthen and clear out, fuel my body to keep up with the amazing journey I am on called My Life and after this over indulgent breakfast, it is time for All Things Great For Me.

Not just comforting, nor just satisfying, but really GREAT for me. Full of vitamins, food that makes my system smile.

It's not just about food and exercise...My Wellness encompasses ALL aspects of divine health.  How I think, my spiritual journey, how I represent myself, what brings me joy.

It's a new month and coming upon Spring it is indeed a time for new bud-lings of the glorious flowers that are Me!

Are you feeling somewhat the same way?  Well my dear friend Jenni P Parker Brown has collaborated to start a Let's Get WELLthytm campaign.  She has taken this quest on so gracefully and beautifully offering a free e-book from her website:

I am super excited!  Also, I am SO OPEN to tips and recipes for great healthy food choices and fun exercise ideas, etc.  I encourage you to please share, pass this on, encourage, join, be and stay Your Very Best!
So for this moment Let Me Eat Cake!  

Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Just beautiful, scrumptious cake!!!
    I treasure you as my most executive dream warrior and thrill at your fabulous unfolding.
    What sets you apart (and gives you the right to earn the name dream warrior, is that you, like me, are so ARDENT and conscious of your quest. Reaching reaching reaching every higher and further. That is the way we fulfill our true potential as you do with such grace.

  2. I reflect your shiny brilliance Jenni P, My Dream Warrior General!