Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Cool Down


The pause of reflection.

Deep breath.

Wisdom joined me yesterday and while I did indeed feel the burn of melancholy, I have relaxed into the bliss of making Wise Decisions.

Yes, it is true...the production end of my business will be taking the summer off.  But really why not?  It's HOT in breezes, I am not completely set up in my studio yet with the necessary tools needed to produce with ease and precision...Oh!  And my calendar is FULL!

Wisdom always brings Blessing.  I am indeed Blessed.

For the first time, in a long time, I am going to be enjoying the beauty of an actual vacation.  No work involved just R & R.  (aaaaaah reminds me of my Montauk Retreat last winter....oh how I loved that!)

In the past I have always combined trips with some sort of business, whether I am making hats while on the trip or likely putting on events to sell my wares.  What a Blessing to be able to concentrate on the real purpose of this upcoming trip to my Island Home of Maui.

Reflection, Renewal, Reuniting, Refreshment.

By making the hard decisions (which yesterday's was), I have lifted the burden of "attempt" off of my back and given myself the Gift of A Well Deserved Break!

So...yes, I shed some tears (Release), then after I had cleared the fog over my eyes I saw the Clarity of My Wisdom and what the Blessing is and today I woke up refreshed, ready to head back to Barbara's studio, ready to jump into the shop production and happy that when the day is done...SO AM I!!!

How Blessedly Normal!

I received some genuine words of grace and comfort yesterday from some of my readers and friends.  I Thank YOU SO MUCH!!!

In the depths of my moment I was encouraged and guided towards what I was having a difficult time seeing.


Have a Beautiful Day!  That's My Plan!

That and enjoying the air conditioned train rides to work!  

Ciao Bella's!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Marathonia ~ Chapter Two ~ End of Book


You either have it...or you don't.  You can try and eat it or drink it but even doing this...Energy chooses to truly stay with you or not.

Today, Tuesday, May 29th, I had a chat with My Energy.  I ate healthy foods, drank heaps of water, moved my body, even had a delicious strong espresso.  I asked My Energy to show itself for I had High Hopes this season.

I had hopes of having new chapeaux in a Hair show at a local salon (though I wasn't too attached to this), and even more hopes of having a Hat Show while on Maui during my upcoming trip in July.  I wanted to be able to offer to my former homeland the newest styles I have been so diligently working on.  Blocked hats.  Hats I have never made before in my career and I wanted to give my clientele on Maui this opportunity to see what I have been doing in person.

I took a healthy day OFF for Memorial Day, had a beautiful day in Central Park.

I mean really!!!  A Beautiful Day!!!

Enjoyed a lovely lunch with my friend Kim and her poochie, Pookie, had a wonderful stroll along the pond, had a very interesting conversation in the little boathouse with a woman named Linda...(I SO LOVE NYC!) ... couldn't have been a more relaxing day.

The question arises...but why only one day off?  I work very diligently and very hard 5 days a week right one day enough rest?

Well, I slept soundly last night...slept in.  And then spoke with My Energy.

I pulled out the supplies...

I started sorting through what was feasible.  I started designing.  But what else was happening was a very hot NY summer day.  87 degrees and only a double fan to attempt to cool me down.  No air conditioner so far. (That's another story I will pass on for now).

Truth is, it's not going to be cooling down.  I thought of a better way to work in the future.  Get everything pinned, take it to the park, sit in the shade, stitch, stitch, stitch.

After two hours of doing this (pinning and prepping) my tired, hot soul gave out.  I don't want to spend my sixth day hand sewing because, in my studio, the only tools I have are my hands.

I cleared everything and did what I wanted to do most of all.

I rested.
This is what I needed the most.  And so the decision has been made.  A decision that leaves me melancholy.  
I am letting go for this season.
I can not work the sixth day in the summer heat in my room/studio where I do not have the tools that make my trade logical.  I don't have it in me.
I am jumping out.  It's enough of a marathon just doing what I am doing at my job.

The saddest part, and yes, I am deeply sad, is that this what happens when I take on full time work.  It's physical, mental work and I just end up having to give business to run someone else's.
My Spirit is free and this is good.  It is balanced and this is good.  My business is stuck, not good.  My heart is sad, not good, but will pass...all in entrepreneur feels defeated.
Just being honest here folks.
The real question it worth the sacrifice?  I just sold part of my dream for this season and for what?  Well, the good part is that I am truly helping someone out.  Someone who needs my help right now.  I'll do this for 6 more weeks and then...this gal is taking a Well Deserved Vacation.
Then...I'll get back to My Dreams and Visions.
Thus ends the Marathonia series Summer 2012.
I think I'll just stay in bed and have a good cry for a bit.  All will be well but there are tears approaching.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Marathonia~ Chapter One ~ What Day Is It???

Oh Yes!  Day Five!!!

 Aaaaaaaaah!  Day Five.  A busy day.  A good day. A day filled with comfort foods.

I won't even get too detailed with my "fuel" today but I will say it started with breakfast at my neighborhood diner and ended with a slice of pizza while strolling through Washington Square Park.  (Use your imagination).

Block Party??  But no one brought the beer!

Remember I said I would show you the "custom" version of yesterday's hat...not even finished yet...wait till next week.  But I LOVE how it is coming along.  Barbara has such a nice touch with flowers.
And the day went on.  We blocked, and we sized, and we sold, and we even tidied up the shop.  And after it was ALL done and my co-worker had traveled home, I stayed.

I have made SO MANY FRICKIN HATS!!!!  I have so many more to make.  Tuesday will be My Millinery Day in my own studio but what I really wanted...really needed...was a Chapeau of My Own made in THIS studio...made with ease, simply (proper tools/space!!!).

So on went the Buena Vista Social Club and then:

A very, very tired, very, very satisfied Ms. Carey and Her New Summer Chapeau!!!
All I can say to wrap up Chapter One...

Well Done!!!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Marathonia ~ Chapter One ~ Day 4

Aaaaah Saturday!

I started my day grateful for the deep restful sleep.  I prayed and I journaled.  I pondered and drank water, then a strong coffee.

While having guessed it yogurt and raisin bran, fresh banana (didn't really "feel" this combo today), I started attempting to figure out what my paycheck would be next week.

In the process I discovered the following and Today's Challenge.

My facebook post -

 The challenge today: Doing what is correct and trusting God will cover both sides.

Just realized that I have been getting paid for an extra day every check for at least a couple months. Why did I not know this? Well, it's a small business and my hours had changed and my boss had been properly taking out taxes but not giving me the breakdown of my payroll. I assumed I must have slipped into a
lower tax bracket and therefore my take home was a bit more.

Well, after finally getting a pay stub and as I pondered with tax calculators why I was going to be barely making any more money as I take on more hours it clicked.

I feel for her. So many spoons in the pot to keep up with. But it will be great for her to know. I won't be in a position to take responsibility for this error for it was not my error to begin with but I pray for a BLESSING upon the Shop that we make up for it in MASS HAT SALES!!!

This is my hope.

Off I go.

My Heart really did sink.  Terrible news, stressful news and, well, I shared it upon arrival.  My boss said she had just discovered it herself a few days ago. 

I was so glad to be the one telling her.  (Thank you God).  It kept her from having to have an awkward conversation that would have been so disappointing had I not known already and it supplied even more confidence in my character.

It was a good day.

Here's a wee photo review:

Remember this one?  Well, this is a custom hat, and then yesterday I blocked another for the store.  I also SOLD the "blocked" hat before we even finished it!  (yes, I am GOOD!) (smiles)

The hat "pre-sold".  I'll show you pictures of the custom one tomorrow.  It is much fancier as we made many Derby hats in this style.  However, I really wanted one that could be worn daily.  Hence this beauty.  J'Adore!

Such a graceful simple shape!

As seen on Moi!  Me and my new Iphone! xoxo

 Well...we did well today but I am Fa-Shizzled and work tomorrow.  

Today I had excellent healthy fuel, LOTS of water, blessings from God, the store WAS blessed... even on a holiday weekend.

I sit here at home, fan on, feet up, glass of cool red to my side.

Let's end this day with a couple beauties shot whilst walking to the F train.  

East Village, New York City, Pre-Summer Sunset Time!

      Oh How I DO Love NYC!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Marathonia ~ Chapter One ~ Day 3

"Hump Day"

A review in photos.

Chapeaux blocked yesterday waiting for our arrival!
Remember this little cloche to be yesterday?

Sweetly kissed in chocolate

Such a lovely shape

Trimmings almost complete
More trimming

And MORE trimming
Such a beautiful chiffon rose I get to use...from a company dedicated to making lovely chiffon fleurs.  You know I understand those Peeps!
more blocking

Fantastic shape!

the front...wait till you see what Barbara does when she trims this beauty

Yeah.  MORE blocking!
how I feel

happy.  really.  I AM HAPPY.

just couldn't make it to train with out...

DINNER!!!  NYC Diner BLT...just saying...Well Deserved!

 Let's's Fuel:
.Breakfast: WATER, yogurt with raisin bran and almond slices, coffee, beloved cream, WATER
.Lunch:  Oh yes!  Remember yesterday's Disaster... The Choke that Choked!!!

 Well, The Artichoke was FANTASTIC for lunch...a smoky hint of flavor, doused with olive oil, herbs, s&p, and a touch a lime juice.
That and a half turkey sandwich (the other half of yesterday's). WATER WATER WATER...and a fig cookie!
Dinner: That delightful Brooklyn Lager and Diner Delight.
Home: sipping a bit o' red vino! PLUS WATER!!!

And as I walked my Extremely Filled Belly and Oh So Tired Soul to the train to ride me home...alas in my Beloved Washington Square Park the sliver of the New Moon Kissed Me!

Thus ends day Three.

Ciao Bella's!
(I left my stat sheet at the shop...crap!)
I blocked, I trimmed, I SOLD!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Marathonia - Chapter One - Day 2

I "sort" of remember Day 1...but it also just hit me the actual marathon I am embracing currently.

SO...the dealio is that I am going to be working my okole (Hawaiian for ass) off for the next 7 1/2 weeks.


Okay. Obviously no one is feeling sorry for me.  


I embrace this challenge.  What exactly "is" This Challenge???

The Challenge:

. working 5 days a week at the hat shop I generally work 4 days a week at.
     . blocking, sewing, trimming, selling, diffusing (customer relations), general therapy (at times), OH!  And keeping a Positive Helpful Attitude!
     . with travel time from door-to-door-back-to-door again...approx. 10hours a day.
. keeping ALL engagements and goals for My Business while all this goes on.
    . Hair Show mid June - local NYC hair salon wants to include my chapeaux in a hair show featuring local fashions designers, etc.  AWESOME opportunity.
    . Hat Show on Maui while I am there.  SO WANT TO DO!
    . Personal hats for V.I.P.'s that are on my LIST!

. Enjoying Friends that ARE VISITING!!!!

(deep breath)

SO...Chapter One / Day's a few photos of today's work.

Actually...let's start with today's 20% chance of rain...very funny...over 100% reality but as always...lovely...soggy but lovely.

Beloved Washington Square stroll to the shop

An assortment of chapeaux blocked by Moi today... "Les Buns in le oven!"

Le Cloche to BE!
A "Custom" chapeau

Close up of the beauty that is "Sisal"

Today's Stats:
Chapeaux Blocked - 4
Chapeaux Sewn - 1
Chapeaux Trimmed - 1
Chapeaux Sized - 6
Chapeaux Sold - 3
Other items sold - 1
Customer Service interventions - 1

Breakfast - yogurt / coffee
Lunch - half turkey sandwich/ salad (really GOOD trader joe's salad with gorgonzola, walnuts, balsmic!)
Snack - fig cookie/ organic carrots
Dinner - raisin bran/soy milk 
Snack - popcorn / an upstate NY IPA
(after emergency drama (artichoke story below) I dipped into tomorrow's upstate NY Pale Ale (you will understand)

Low points today:
The 20% chance of rain going to over a 100% reality sort of hit all of NYC unprepared.  Sure we all had our umbrella's but my footwear felt like a river...a river literally did run through it.

After enjoying a Hot Deluxe Epsom Salt Chai Ginger Bath I put a beautiful artichoke on the stove to steam for tomorrow's lunch.  I then settled in for a long overdue chat with my bestie on my Brand New IPHONE!!! After chatting for quite sometime my housemate tapped on my door..."FRICK THE CHOKE!!!"

Hence...burned artichoke (actually choke ok)BUT pan...not so much.  My frugal $1.29 lunch is likely going to cost me a brand new stainless steel sauce pan with lid.  FrICK!!!

Highpoints today: Always end with the Highpoints!

Today was my first day with this new tool, my iphone.  I have waited for a long time to get this.  I enjoyed listening to the first few chapters of The Art Of Money Getting by P.T.Barnum (of Barnum and Bailey's Circus, etc)...QUITE INTERESTING!!!!

On train ride home I listened to the beginning story in the Green Fairy Book by Andrew Lang.  The first story is great but I am too tired to re-tell it...nor do I think it will interest you...but I might tomorrow!

I requested Brilliant Advice for keeping my Wits healthy and balanced through all of this. So far I have received Excellent Advice (thank YOU!):

.Donna says "Breathe" (check!)
.Erika suggests "long walks to and from" (check!) 
.Joseph suggests "12oz. water upon waking (CHECK! Just went and got a Brita for my room...kept hydrated ALL DAY/EVERYDAY!!!)
.Jenni P suggests "Meditation (!),  brain energizing foods, omegas3s, guarana, magnesium, exercise"(great grocery list!)
.Myra Jane suggests "Simple....start your day with the Lord and all will be fine!!!" (Amen to that!)
.Cari suggests "remembering to Laugh!!!"  (Brilliant!)
.Kimberly reminds me to "Take a real guilt free lunch AND a walk!!!" (YES!!!!!!)
.Rose suggested "connecting with an animal" (I take this as I will pet some cute dogs along the way and when the sun comes out will have a morning in the dog park (sans dog) just to love on the dogs there!)

Brilliant ALL OF YOU! 

Anyhow, This Day Two of Chapter One!

See you...laters!