Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Cool Down


The pause of reflection.

Deep breath.

Wisdom joined me yesterday and while I did indeed feel the burn of melancholy, I have relaxed into the bliss of making Wise Decisions.

Yes, it is true...the production end of my business will be taking the summer off.  But really why not?  It's HOT in breezes, I am not completely set up in my studio yet with the necessary tools needed to produce with ease and precision...Oh!  And my calendar is FULL!

Wisdom always brings Blessing.  I am indeed Blessed.

For the first time, in a long time, I am going to be enjoying the beauty of an actual vacation.  No work involved just R & R.  (aaaaaah reminds me of my Montauk Retreat last winter....oh how I loved that!)

In the past I have always combined trips with some sort of business, whether I am making hats while on the trip or likely putting on events to sell my wares.  What a Blessing to be able to concentrate on the real purpose of this upcoming trip to my Island Home of Maui.

Reflection, Renewal, Reuniting, Refreshment.

By making the hard decisions (which yesterday's was), I have lifted the burden of "attempt" off of my back and given myself the Gift of A Well Deserved Break!

So...yes, I shed some tears (Release), then after I had cleared the fog over my eyes I saw the Clarity of My Wisdom and what the Blessing is and today I woke up refreshed, ready to head back to Barbara's studio, ready to jump into the shop production and happy that when the day is done...SO AM I!!!

How Blessedly Normal!

I received some genuine words of grace and comfort yesterday from some of my readers and friends.  I Thank YOU SO MUCH!!!

In the depths of my moment I was encouraged and guided towards what I was having a difficult time seeing.


Have a Beautiful Day!  That's My Plan!

That and enjoying the air conditioned train rides to work!  

Ciao Bella's!

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