Thursday, May 24, 2012

Marathonia - Chapter One - Day 2

I "sort" of remember Day 1...but it also just hit me the actual marathon I am embracing currently.

SO...the dealio is that I am going to be working my okole (Hawaiian for ass) off for the next 7 1/2 weeks.


Okay. Obviously no one is feeling sorry for me.  


I embrace this challenge.  What exactly "is" This Challenge???

The Challenge:

. working 5 days a week at the hat shop I generally work 4 days a week at.
     . blocking, sewing, trimming, selling, diffusing (customer relations), general therapy (at times), OH!  And keeping a Positive Helpful Attitude!
     . with travel time from door-to-door-back-to-door again...approx. 10hours a day.
. keeping ALL engagements and goals for My Business while all this goes on.
    . Hair Show mid June - local NYC hair salon wants to include my chapeaux in a hair show featuring local fashions designers, etc.  AWESOME opportunity.
    . Hat Show on Maui while I am there.  SO WANT TO DO!
    . Personal hats for V.I.P.'s that are on my LIST!

. Enjoying Friends that ARE VISITING!!!!

(deep breath)

SO...Chapter One / Day's a few photos of today's work.

Actually...let's start with today's 20% chance of rain...very funny...over 100% reality but as always...lovely...soggy but lovely.

Beloved Washington Square stroll to the shop

An assortment of chapeaux blocked by Moi today... "Les Buns in le oven!"

Le Cloche to BE!
A "Custom" chapeau

Close up of the beauty that is "Sisal"

Today's Stats:
Chapeaux Blocked - 4
Chapeaux Sewn - 1
Chapeaux Trimmed - 1
Chapeaux Sized - 6
Chapeaux Sold - 3
Other items sold - 1
Customer Service interventions - 1

Breakfast - yogurt / coffee
Lunch - half turkey sandwich/ salad (really GOOD trader joe's salad with gorgonzola, walnuts, balsmic!)
Snack - fig cookie/ organic carrots
Dinner - raisin bran/soy milk 
Snack - popcorn / an upstate NY IPA
(after emergency drama (artichoke story below) I dipped into tomorrow's upstate NY Pale Ale (you will understand)

Low points today:
The 20% chance of rain going to over a 100% reality sort of hit all of NYC unprepared.  Sure we all had our umbrella's but my footwear felt like a river...a river literally did run through it.

After enjoying a Hot Deluxe Epsom Salt Chai Ginger Bath I put a beautiful artichoke on the stove to steam for tomorrow's lunch.  I then settled in for a long overdue chat with my bestie on my Brand New IPHONE!!! After chatting for quite sometime my housemate tapped on my door..."FRICK THE CHOKE!!!"

Hence...burned artichoke (actually choke ok)BUT pan...not so much.  My frugal $1.29 lunch is likely going to cost me a brand new stainless steel sauce pan with lid.  FrICK!!!

Highpoints today: Always end with the Highpoints!

Today was my first day with this new tool, my iphone.  I have waited for a long time to get this.  I enjoyed listening to the first few chapters of The Art Of Money Getting by P.T.Barnum (of Barnum and Bailey's Circus, etc)...QUITE INTERESTING!!!!

On train ride home I listened to the beginning story in the Green Fairy Book by Andrew Lang.  The first story is great but I am too tired to re-tell it...nor do I think it will interest you...but I might tomorrow!

I requested Brilliant Advice for keeping my Wits healthy and balanced through all of this. So far I have received Excellent Advice (thank YOU!):

.Donna says "Breathe" (check!)
.Erika suggests "long walks to and from" (check!) 
.Joseph suggests "12oz. water upon waking (CHECK! Just went and got a Brita for my room...kept hydrated ALL DAY/EVERYDAY!!!)
.Jenni P suggests "Meditation (!),  brain energizing foods, omegas3s, guarana, magnesium, exercise"(great grocery list!)
.Myra Jane suggests "Simple....start your day with the Lord and all will be fine!!!" (Amen to that!)
.Cari suggests "remembering to Laugh!!!"  (Brilliant!)
.Kimberly reminds me to "Take a real guilt free lunch AND a walk!!!" (YES!!!!!!)
.Rose suggested "connecting with an animal" (I take this as I will pet some cute dogs along the way and when the sun comes out will have a morning in the dog park (sans dog) just to love on the dogs there!)

Brilliant ALL OF YOU! 

Anyhow, This Day Two of Chapter One!

See you...laters!


  1. Great day, busy day, productive day, one causality, the pan, but an overall a Success!

  2. So True Joseph! And now, today (day three) I have just enjoyed my First Laugh of the day! Thank YOU!