Friday, May 25, 2012

Marathonia ~ Chapter One ~ Day 3

"Hump Day"

A review in photos.

Chapeaux blocked yesterday waiting for our arrival!
Remember this little cloche to be yesterday?

Sweetly kissed in chocolate

Such a lovely shape

Trimmings almost complete
More trimming

And MORE trimming
Such a beautiful chiffon rose I get to use...from a company dedicated to making lovely chiffon fleurs.  You know I understand those Peeps!
more blocking

Fantastic shape!

the front...wait till you see what Barbara does when she trims this beauty

Yeah.  MORE blocking!
how I feel

happy.  really.  I AM HAPPY.

just couldn't make it to train with out...

DINNER!!!  NYC Diner BLT...just saying...Well Deserved!

 Let's's Fuel:
.Breakfast: WATER, yogurt with raisin bran and almond slices, coffee, beloved cream, WATER
.Lunch:  Oh yes!  Remember yesterday's Disaster... The Choke that Choked!!!

 Well, The Artichoke was FANTASTIC for lunch...a smoky hint of flavor, doused with olive oil, herbs, s&p, and a touch a lime juice.
That and a half turkey sandwich (the other half of yesterday's). WATER WATER WATER...and a fig cookie!
Dinner: That delightful Brooklyn Lager and Diner Delight.
Home: sipping a bit o' red vino! PLUS WATER!!!

And as I walked my Extremely Filled Belly and Oh So Tired Soul to the train to ride me home...alas in my Beloved Washington Square Park the sliver of the New Moon Kissed Me!

Thus ends day Three.

Ciao Bella's!
(I left my stat sheet at the shop...crap!)
I blocked, I trimmed, I SOLD!!!!

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