Saturday, May 26, 2012

Marathonia ~ Chapter One ~ Day 4

Aaaaah Saturday!

I started my day grateful for the deep restful sleep.  I prayed and I journaled.  I pondered and drank water, then a strong coffee.

While having guessed it yogurt and raisin bran, fresh banana (didn't really "feel" this combo today), I started attempting to figure out what my paycheck would be next week.

In the process I discovered the following and Today's Challenge.

My facebook post -

 The challenge today: Doing what is correct and trusting God will cover both sides.

Just realized that I have been getting paid for an extra day every check for at least a couple months. Why did I not know this? Well, it's a small business and my hours had changed and my boss had been properly taking out taxes but not giving me the breakdown of my payroll. I assumed I must have slipped into a
lower tax bracket and therefore my take home was a bit more.

Well, after finally getting a pay stub and as I pondered with tax calculators why I was going to be barely making any more money as I take on more hours it clicked.

I feel for her. So many spoons in the pot to keep up with. But it will be great for her to know. I won't be in a position to take responsibility for this error for it was not my error to begin with but I pray for a BLESSING upon the Shop that we make up for it in MASS HAT SALES!!!

This is my hope.

Off I go.

My Heart really did sink.  Terrible news, stressful news and, well, I shared it upon arrival.  My boss said she had just discovered it herself a few days ago. 

I was so glad to be the one telling her.  (Thank you God).  It kept her from having to have an awkward conversation that would have been so disappointing had I not known already and it supplied even more confidence in my character.

It was a good day.

Here's a wee photo review:

Remember this one?  Well, this is a custom hat, and then yesterday I blocked another for the store.  I also SOLD the "blocked" hat before we even finished it!  (yes, I am GOOD!) (smiles)

The hat "pre-sold".  I'll show you pictures of the custom one tomorrow.  It is much fancier as we made many Derby hats in this style.  However, I really wanted one that could be worn daily.  Hence this beauty.  J'Adore!

Such a graceful simple shape!

As seen on Moi!  Me and my new Iphone! xoxo

 Well...we did well today but I am Fa-Shizzled and work tomorrow.  

Today I had excellent healthy fuel, LOTS of water, blessings from God, the store WAS blessed... even on a holiday weekend.

I sit here at home, fan on, feet up, glass of cool red to my side.

Let's end this day with a couple beauties shot whilst walking to the F train.  

East Village, New York City, Pre-Summer Sunset Time!

      Oh How I DO Love NYC!!!

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