Sunday, May 27, 2012

Marathonia~ Chapter One ~ What Day Is It???

Oh Yes!  Day Five!!!

 Aaaaaaaaah!  Day Five.  A busy day.  A good day. A day filled with comfort foods.

I won't even get too detailed with my "fuel" today but I will say it started with breakfast at my neighborhood diner and ended with a slice of pizza while strolling through Washington Square Park.  (Use your imagination).

Block Party??  But no one brought the beer!

Remember I said I would show you the "custom" version of yesterday's hat...not even finished yet...wait till next week.  But I LOVE how it is coming along.  Barbara has such a nice touch with flowers.
And the day went on.  We blocked, and we sized, and we sold, and we even tidied up the shop.  And after it was ALL done and my co-worker had traveled home, I stayed.

I have made SO MANY FRICKIN HATS!!!!  I have so many more to make.  Tuesday will be My Millinery Day in my own studio but what I really wanted...really needed...was a Chapeau of My Own made in THIS studio...made with ease, simply (proper tools/space!!!).

So on went the Buena Vista Social Club and then:

A very, very tired, very, very satisfied Ms. Carey and Her New Summer Chapeau!!!
All I can say to wrap up Chapter One...

Well Done!!!


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