Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My "AHA" Moment!!! AHA!!!!!

I ask you to take the 4 min. to truly watch this clip of Adele singing at the Grammy's last year....having already won several trophies (and more to come through out the eve)...of course the song and She, Herself, are quite beautiful but what really caught me, grasped me, and made me say YES!!! was at the very end.

The song ends, the applause begins, you see the crowd and she smiles, waves hello and right before the clip is done you see her TRULY REALIZE, truly be fully present in the adoration of Her Dream Come True.

You see her look out amongst the sea of famous and historical legends, the crowds above, and there she is...soaking in their adoration and being truly clear in the awareness that She Has Reached This Goal.

It's simply beautiful to me. 

This is exactly what I want
.  I want to be FULLY and COMPLETELY AWARE  that I have reached my goal, that My Dream has indeed come true.

I look back at this amazing year I've had and there has been no applause, no moment.  Just lots of "quick" get-back-to-the-next-thing.  I think of the Mary Poppins gig I took part in and how this was a PINNACLE of my career...4 hats I adorned, dancing on the stage of a National Broadway Tour...I worked a straight 27 hours w/a 4 hour sleep break to meet the deadline given to me, sat on a train for over an hour to deliver the hats, delivered them on time, got back on train and sat over an hour again to get home...and then went back to work.

No Moment.  No ceremony.  I haven't even seen the show.  (I sent my Mom and this feels good)...but I, the one whose actual dream it was to make hats for a Broadway show didn't receive tickets, didn't even treat herself to a ticket.  I reached this goal and didn't truly acknowledge the AMAZINGNESS of reaching it.  I knew the amazingness but I didn't get to soak in it...whatsoever.

This realization is not meant to be a downer or a pity party.  I have realized something genuine and ultimately SO IMPORTANT for me...I want the stage.  I want the moment.  I want the feeling that I am living my dream and I want it with ALL MY SOUL.

I want to take the time after each precious detail and each thought out and precise step to be present and soak in the adoration of Living My Dream.

So grateful to discover this.  SO SO grateful.

Now go watch the clip and see if you can "Spot" The Moment!!!  Brava Adele!!! Brava!!!