Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas Darlings!

Wishing YOU A Wonderful Holiday
 A Brilliant New Year!


p.s.  You can stop right here...or continue to see what I have... see, I love you.  You have an easy out...xoxoxo

 Oh! I dreamed of handwriting little notes of Love and such, waltzing down memory lane, hand addressing them, and picturing your faces as you opened your mail.

I really did.

I even had sweet little cards already picked out.

But when I couldn't remember what "special" box had the stamps...well, I let go of the idea of those special hand written sentiments.

                                                     However, I did not want to let this special season go by without sending YOU a heap of JOY!

2013 has been quite a year.  One I will never forget.  It has been a year of loss and gain.  

I found myself experiencing things I had only dreamt of and some I never dreamed of.

It's all too much for endless words.  So how about a little photo journey to reminisce the ending of a year that stole my heart.

(you may want to refresh your coffee's been QUITE a year!)

Mi Padre
This was SUCH A GREAT DAY!!!  My Pops surrounded by his high school buddies.  It was so important to him and such a blessing to have this dream come true for him...and them. 
I learned the beauty in the bravery of taking a last breath. 
One of the MOST BEAUTIFUL Memorials ever.  A wonderful mix that was my Father.
Though the times were challenging, especially in that 2 1/2 month period I stayed in Arizona...the bond that was created within my family was the gift for the challenge.  I feel so incredibly blessed. 
Added to that blessing was even more time spent with those I love.  So blessed to see my Aunt Sandee, who came our way on her honeymoon to give her sister and I support.  So grateful for her and Glen for doing this.  
 I am so blessed with such a wonderful family.  I so appreciate everyone's support during our Christmas time last year.  I'm grateful to the Acosta's, The Goulding's, the Cocio's, all my beautiful cousins.  

But I tell ya...I got to lighten up this card because I'm in tears now and it's only the beginning of last year.


When in get to see lots of your peeps!!!  Here's a few of my fun visitors:

An AMAZING fun and special time with my dearest Leslie! xoxo

Soul Sister Stephanie! xoxo
From back-in-the-day times...Anastasia (who was there because her daughter was in a group performing at CARNEGIE HALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  Just saying...WOW!
The brilliant Traci Vanderbush! 

And Bill and Sara Vanderbush too!  SUCH A TREAT!!!

And look who else came to NYC!!!  An awesome visit with cousins Witcha and Ana!  Here seen relaxing with some bubbly at The Boathouse in Central Park.  Hmmmmm....let me recall the events of that day.... met at the Guggenheim, then walked through Central Park, then went to the Museum of Natural History, then to the Carnegie Deli, then we went through Times Square!!!  (We needed this Champagne Moment in between!)

Yes...the jumbotron! LOL
My Absolute Favorite Picture!!! xoxo
And one of Witcha's Dreams Come True...Strawberry Fields.

                Hmmmmmmm..........What Of Dreams...

Remember???  I never ever forgot!!!

TIME 2 GO 2 ----->
I'm a visual person.  While some may not believe that it helps to visualize one's steps...

I'm here to say..."Phooey!"
                                                       New York City. 

Here I am, 3rd day in NYC, waiting to meet Barbara Feinman Millinery.
                             I started working with Barbara 2 days later.
                             And two and half years later...this December... 

I launched!  I am now doing what I moved from Maui to do...Launch My Business!!!
I spent December doing a variety of holiday markets in NYC.  This is my Shop-On-The-GO!

                                        A few chapeaux ...

A little back detail

I generally use random tools

in progress

the result!

Clients!  Oh how I have loved my Clientele!!!!  Here's just a few:
Grateful to Barbara, Julia, and Laura of  Barbara Feinman Millinery, East Village, NYC 
Grateful to Linda and staff at The Hat Shop, Soho, NYC
and Sylvette
and Judy
This woman bought her hat, went to Paris and got engaged!  Her engagement photo.
and Marja...Client Of The Year!!!
and Malena...and my Mom. xoxox  And Stephanie and Leslie... I feel SO BLESSED!!!  I AM SO BLESSED!!! know me.  I am a career girl.  
But I never stopped Dreaming....

Spring came...

the view from my Paris apartment.

Claude et Moi.

Darlings...that's My Year.  Was this long?  Yes...but it's not my fault I have relatives and friend's who refuse to use facebook...if you would have known all of this!

Anyhow...reflections aside.  2013 has been amazing.  In every way.  And I am filled with hope and trust for the Brand New Year ahead.  So grateful for the love I feel from my family and friends.  I wish YOU A SUPERB HOLIDAY & A BLESSED NEW YEAR!!!

Much Love...
A hui hou!


Oh!  Snap!  Pinto (my housemate's cat) is very upset I didn't include his photo montage.  Now, now...Christmas Wishes do come true!  Enjoy xoxox

                 and a little winter-wonderland to close...