Friday, December 20, 2013

Reflecting Autumn, Inviting Winter...

Enjoying a gentle and quiet morning this last day of the Fall season.  (I personally know Fall left a long time ago but was gratefully reminded that the Solstice approaches tomorrow!)

I LOVE A Brand New Season.  A fresh page, a blank canvas always FULL of Possibility!

As I reflect on this past season, I know it was not just any random Autumn.  This was a Life-Shifting Autumn.  This was a Launching Autumn.  I am so grateful for this. 

My Courage meter is way up high I don't want to look anywhere but straight ahead because if I look down I'll totally freak out about how high I have jumped.  I don't want to look up because I am so out there on a limb that I actually need to keep my focus in the very present moment.

It's an amazing time.  There is a sort of discomfort I feel in that I have no idea how I will make it this month.  That could scare me and land me...but I remind myself that this is the natural part of the Entrepreneurial Flight.  And if I can continue doing my part then I can continue to fly.  And these are new wings for me.  This a new journey, a path I have been leading towards but have never completely taken...and yet I have now!

I have, this wonderful Autumn, allowed myself to hop on a floating leaf and get carried away into my dreams.

I have indeed Launched My Destiny.

So what of this New Season?  This glorious Winter.  What of the possibilities within the next 3 or so months???

Well, Intention Wise I'd like to see my business find it's venue.  There IS a market for what I do and I'd like to find the marketplace that fits as a win/win/win for all.

That's my biggest Wish/Desire/and Hope.  With a great venue (whether it be a weekly fair or a possible storefront), I will gain the feeling of stability that will allow me to grow to a place where I can bring in Helpers.  

What I work on currently is refining my vision, listening to my heart, and building my Trust Muscle!

I see a colorful world that is full of ribbons and flowers, berries, and veiling, sparkle and whimsy.

What a wonderful world to live in.

Happy Brand New Season To YOU!!!

And if you are in NYC tomorrow...come get a Solstice Hug from me at the OM GROWN HOLIDAY MARKET @ Bread & Yoga  5000 Broadway, Inwood, NYC.  Take the A Train Baby up, up, up to the end o' the line (207 St.) and head a couple blocks up and poof!  You'll be at a wonderful artisan market from a great community.  I'll be there from 2-8pm.

Here's a peek at what to expect.

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