Saturday, December 14, 2013

T T T T T R U S T . . . xo

I've had some crazy spinning the past few months.  It seems I came back from Paris fully charged and ready to Live My Fullest right then.  No more fear.  And then I spent the next two months preparing.  And here I am now.  Launched.  Floating in the air stream, empty handed, complete leap of faith.

But in the process of that two month period I worked so hard that I started spinning.  I started slipping...physically down the stairs...more than once.  Let's just say... while trying to be as graceful as I possibly could be as I transitioned...well I wasn't completely graceful.

Anyhow, I slipped again this week....NOT down the stairs but just a little "slip up".  I misread an email and that found me NOT booked for a venue I had planned on for  today.  At first I thought..."NO!!!!" But there was nothing I could do about it.  And I was able to halt myself right there and think... "Hey!  This is SO out of my hands so I must not need to be there." 

The main thing I am learning is twofold:
2. Stay in the Place of Trust.

It doesn't mean I don't feel any disappointment.  For sure I do.  The anxiousness of entrepreneurialism is ever here.  But there are things I can keep in my control and things I have zero control over.  It took a lot to take that deep breath and regroup after preparing for today's event.  I'll be there next week and that is what God has planned for me in this situation.  I must need only one day at this fair because I only get one day. 

So in the "switch the switch" mode, I turned to my "Retailers".  I prepped hats to re-stock them.  That is the best choice I could make this mid-week.  And you know, the great thing about taking the deep breath, letting go of what you have no control over, and switching the switch to what you CAN do... well, that's when the Blessings begin.  That is activating your faith with action...and I fully believe, this behavior is one of things that makes God smile.  


I headed down to The Hat Shop in SOHO,, to bring a few fresh hats and what do I see?


Katherine Carey Millinery Chapeaux right there, smack dab, in the Holiday Window in New York City!

The Tippy Topper

Berries & Cream

 My heart melted a little with a squeal of delight! Here's a couple more shots of my chapeaux in her shop.

The Rose Cocktail

The Soiree Topper

I left feeling satisfied that I had done, precisely, a wonderful effort for my business.

And then I got this link:
Dreams for Sale: Meet Fay and Katherine

I was super blessed by a virtual friend I have made this past year, Rebbeca Villarreal,, who featured my story in her story on following your heart.  

Most of you know that while I LOVE making hats and I LOVE creating art, what I truly am most passionate about is Following Your Heart.

What a wonderful marker in my life to receive this blog post precisely at this moment.  Just another reminder from God that I am covered in blessing.  That My Current Job is to just keep going, at a reasonable pace, keep trusting, most especially during the times when I want to doubt, keep seeing the Blessings, and that's my job.

God will cover the rest.

SO...turns out today, the day I thought I was going to be doing a fair, it's dropping snow, it's cold, and I am not schlepping my Store-On-The-Go anywhere.  I'm not schlepping Myself downtown to work in someone else's store.  No, today, this snow day, I am Reflecting on the many blessings and creating more delights for next week's market that I AM BOOKED FOR!

Keep The Faith Darlings!

Efficiently Yours,


See ya next Saturday, December 21st, 2-8pm, here:


  1. Katherine, so glad the timing worked well to keep you on the path, faith and talent, my friend! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes! The timing was Perfection! Thank YOU! xo