Monday, April 14, 2014

Pattern Catching

I woke up this morning after a superb sleep. Slept in till 10am.  Found myself unable to really make a coffee until 11am. 

The list had already begun.  I should respond to so and so.  I need to remember to call such and such. I found myself going into the same pattern I always do.  The pattern that gives me no down time.  I surge through with an energy that is residue left over from all the work I did yesterday and the past week and then hours later...I crash hard.  I go into a blur and then I feel at a loss because I never truly took a rest, and I never truly got a true studio day in my home for production needed.

Wisely, as I made coffee, I caught this pattern.  I grabbed the list of everything that had popped in my mind upon waking up, a blank white board, pens, and joined Pinto and the birdies chirping on the lanai.

Today is a PERFECT Spring Day.  Cool and warm combo, shade and sun combo, silence and bird combo.

I could sit here all day.

I made 4 categories:
Guilts (those things I feel pressure to do)
Want to's

The list got transferred.  Just doing that helped. Sectioning off helped.  And then I broke it down.  
Orange: Fun, restful, really would enjoy
Green: Absolutely necessary

Bam!  1/3 is nurturing and totally today, 1/3 is my tomorrow, 1/3 didn't make the cut. life is not going to get slower.  It's up to me to find and seek the balance required.

And with that...I'm off to float.

Have a beautiful week and Happy Easter!

p.s. Oh yeah, that highlighting happening the first 2 paragraphs because I wrote this as an email and then realized it was a blog post, copy and pasted and that happened...screw it.  I normally would be so fussy I would have to re-write in live to have that changed.  That's the sort of thing that can keep me from lounging.  And don't mind.  Bless you!

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